I Just Did Something I Haven't Done For A Year!!!

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I am a business owner.  For me that means being owned by my phone, my desk, and my computers ... If my phone makes a sound: I come a runnin' ... and that may mean I miss a lot of other things in life ... a few weeks ago I missed a really great hit by my son at his tball game because I had my nose in my phone replying to an email (major mom fail!) - but it's my job and the way I support my family, so it just is what it is.  But this last weekend I did something I haven't done for at least a year:


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GASP!!!!!!  I know ... I am pretty shocked myself.  Usually on the weekends I work from 7:00 until noon on Saturday and on Sunday.  My husband is home so he can watch the kids and it's my time to zone in on projects that need to be completed.  So, what you're saying is you are all caught up, Heather??  Yayayayayayayayay!!!!  Oh, Hell no.  I am nowhere near caught up ... and I hope I never get to say "I'm caught up" because that means the end is near and that is when I will start to freak out!  I just wanted a weekend to be with my family and so:  I took one.

It's so easy(???) as a business owner to always be ON ... to feel guilty if you decide to hide the phone and just be a human for a day or two.  But it's necessary.  I'm sure most of you are like: great timing, Heather ... my wedding season just started and there isn't a weekend in sight where I won't be pounding the pavement to make an event happen ... Yes, true ... but you could take Monday and Tuesday off ... or maybe just Monday?  My point is we need to recharge.  I usually don't know I need to relax and recharge until I have pushed myself too far.  I get little hints here and there - but I typically just ignore those and push through to get sh*t done.  I need to get better about listening to myself more and realizing that taking one day off per week is probably a really good idea.

Do I regret taking both days off this last weekend??  NOT AT ALL.  Sure, I'll have to work harder this week and be 'in my phone' more than usual to make up for lost time ... but I got to ENJOY MY FAMILY ... I got to BE in the moment with them.  We had a bbq outside and played cornhole ... we splashed in the water ... I definitely won't regret any of those minutes for as long as I live.

XO~ Heather

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