Why Photoshop Isn't Just For Graphic Designers and Photographers

Why Creative Business Owners Should Learn Photoshop | The Editor's Touch

When I started Style Unveiled in 2008 I was very dependent on someone else to create unique and exclusive graphics for me ... luckily that 'someone else' was my amazing business partner (and still best friend today) Kimberly ... but it still felt 'out of character' for me to be dependent on anyone else to create what I wanted done YESTERDAY ... and so, luckily again, my sweet and amazing friend and partner sat me down one day and:


At the time I needed Photoshop to create the 'look' of Style Unveiled so that each blog post had something to support the brand and online identity we were going for ... the more I used it the better I got.  But as time moved on I started using Photoshop for other things in my daily life ... I realized that using Photoshop was fueling my creative side and was training my eye to see things that normally would just go unnoticed ... 

I use Photoshop now while I design websites for my clients ... creating graphics, designing logos, designing templates for banners and buttons ... I am never 'not' using Photoshop ... and it got me thinking that this is something that most wedding professionals should learn how to do on at least a 'surface level' to up their online and social media game a bit!

Why Creative Business Owners Should Learn Photoshop | The Editor's Touch

I am all about the belief system of:


If you are taking control of your business and actively doing things that remind you of how talented you are and how much you can do when you apply yourself then you will GROW YOUR BUSINESS ... it's impossible not to!  And that is where Photoshop comes in handy ...

If you are creating for your blog, your website, your Instagram feed ... creating for your 'printables' then you are growing your confidence.

But, Heather, I can hire graphic designers to do that for me!  Sooooooo .... are you saying just stop supporting those types of businesses and create all that myself?  Nope!  Not saying that.  What I am saying is that after you hire a graphic designer to build your brand or a website designer to create templates for your website ... it's important to keep up those standards of AWESOME going forward.  So, if you have an amazing brand built for you or some super cool banner templates created for your website and going forward you want to take that brand and those high standards of design and keep them consistent then it might not hurt you or your bank account to learn how to do that on your own.  Plus, like I said, the more you have a hand in your business and the amazing-ness that is happening the more your confidence will soar and the more great things will happen for you.

Why Creative Business Owners Should Learn Photoshop | The Editor's Touch

Creating is creation ... fuel for your brain ... I hear a lot from my clients that they are 'burned out' and are having a hard time being creative ... the only answer I ever have for that is to tap into something you might not know exists.  The deeper I go into my creative ruts the worse it gets ... the longer I stay away from the place I am creative, the worse I feel ... Photoshop is like an exercise for me ... a way to stay awake and 'try things' ... and if you are a wedding coordinator or a florist who knows photoshop and you are feeling 'down in the creative dumps' and need a way to 'feel alive again' creatively, then taking your work and making a collage or a graphic using Photoshop to add to your Instagram or the homepage of your website might entice your excitement to start up again ... it will give you new 'bragging rights' and some 'good ass jeans' to wear again.

Also ... think of how much this might *help* your own business!  If you have the skills to design 'basic sh*t' in Photoshop then you just added something to your 'I CAN DO IT' list to impress your clients ... just sayin' ...

XO~ Heather

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