Temecula Wedding Invitations Never Looked So Good!! Congrats to Paper Villa Stationery and Design!

Paper Villa Stationery and Design | Website Designer Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch

Sometimes the creativity and design process just flows out of me and I can design a website almost immediately for a client.  Their work speaks to me, the client is the perfect match, and we create something beautiful together.  This is how I feel about Erika of Paper Villa Stationery and Design.

When Erika hired me she wasn't sure what she wanted.  She basically just said:  I trust you - do what you think is best.  When I receive that type of direction from a client I basically just go into 'bride brain mode' and start designing.  I let go of 'decisions' and just let my fingers and eyes do the work ... I give it my 'editor's touch' ... 

Below are screenshots of the website that Erika had before she hired me:

Below are screengrabs of the homepage and the blog landing page that I thought would be perfect for Erika and the Paper Villa Stationery and Design brand ... I love the colors and how everything grabs the attention of the visitor.  

While Erika sells stationery, she also sells an experience for her clients ... the experience of how paper can add so much more to their event or wedding.  I wanted to make sure we told that story with the images that were selected while also keeping the focus on what Erika does so well.  I believe I accomplished that.  I'm so excited to see what this website will do for the Paper Villa Stationery brand and business!

Erika sent me this testimonial below after the website launched:

“Having to give up control of my website was not easy, but I knew from the beginning that I could trust Heather with it. I had previously seen her work through other websites she created and had seen what her image optimizing capabilities could do! I immediately knew I had to hire The Editor's Touch to redesign my new website. I provided her with all of my beautiful images and the direction of the design I wanted to go. She delivered my vision, making the process feel easy and flawlessly in every way. Thank you Heather for putting up with me and making my website beautiful!!!!”

With Love,

Thank you Erika!!!  I loved working together on this!  XO!!

Here is a link to view the live website:  Temecula Wedding Invitations

XO~ Heather