3 Easy Tests You Can Do Online That Will Tell You A Lot About Your Website and Blog

3 Easy Tests You Can Do Online That Can Tell You A Lot About Your Website and Blog | The Editor's Touch

If you don't know a lot about SEO or UEO or any of the O's I have 3 easy tests you can take to gain some insight ...

1.  Take The Mobile Optimization Test That Google Offers:  With the launch of the Panda 4.2 Upgrade by Google a lot of things are changing online and one of those things is that you need to make sure you have a mobile optimized website.  Don't know if yours is??  Take this test and in under 1 minute you will know!  I love how they also show you what your website looks like on a mobile phone!

Take The Mobile Optimized Test by Google

2.  Use the Pinterest 'Button' to Read All Your Images at Once:  Ever want to know what Pinterest and Google see when they go to your site and scan your images??  Install the 'Pin It' button to your browser, go to one of your galleries or your blog and hit that sh*t ... BOOM: all of your images and whatever 'name' they carry with them will magically appear ... I've used one of my clients who is a Santa Barbara wedding florist to show you an example below ... and if you see a bunch of these guys << you know you need to change things up!

Pin From Your Website to See What Your Images Read As | The Editor's Touch

3.  Google Your Company:  If you Google just your company name what happens?  Are you the first one to show up?  I hope so!!  If not, what does show up?  Are you the second search result?  The third?  Are you even on page 1??  If you search your company name online and a bunch of other search results pop up then you have a bit of work to do ... contact me for some ideas!

Google Your Company Name To See Where You Show Up | The Editor's Touch

These 3 tests are easy to do and won't take a lot of time ... and you could learn a ton about the online experience people are having (or not having) with your company!  Did you ace all 3???  Pat yourself on the back and pour yourself a cocktail :)

XO~ Heather

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