You May Have Noticed Some Changes Around Here ...

The Editor's Touch | Squarespace Website Designer

Happy Thursday!!!!  Today is going to be a good day - I can tell!  I feel good, I'm energized, I'm about to launch a GORGEOUS website for a client - yayayayayayay!!!  I'm also super pumped because this week I redesigned the website for The Editor's Touch.   Redesigning The Editor's Touch website is something I plan to do once a year.  I don't want to get stale and I want to stay current to my potential client audience.

I was really scared about this because I did get a lot of feedback from people that they LOVED my website ... so the change was something I felt could affect me in a negative way.  BUT: my metrics say differently ;)

When a client hires me I plan a strategy for them that will get them page views.  My goal for all my clients is that they have a ZERO percent bounce rate (or as close to zero as possible) and that they have a high percentage of page views per visitor.  I decided to apply that same criteria to the new design for TET and I'm excited to see that it's working already!  I still have tweaks and adjustments to make, but the 'word on the web' is that these new changes are appealing to my visitors :)

Have you checked out your own metrics or analytics recently?  What is your bounce rate like?  Do people click around?  What is your most popular content?  Who refers traffic your way?  


It's important to educate yourself and have a hand in your website feedback - how well it's working and what isn't working.  Remember what The Knot shared in their real weddings research ... brides are ON THE INTERNET looking for you!!  So impress them where they are!

XO~ Heather

Pssssst ... here's an article about page views and daily visitors that you may find useful!