The Editor's Touch Got a New Look!

The Editor's Touch | Website Design for Wedding and Lifestyle Professionals

I have been so BUSY creating and designing for wedding and lifestyle professionals for THEIR websites that I quickly threw something together for The Editor's Touch when I launched in April ... and I've been so buried that I keep putting my own website on the back-burner ... until now :)

The Editor's Touch | Offering Consulting and Website Design and Branding to Wedding and Lifestyle Professionals

Yesterday I decided it was time for me to put a little time into my own website ... because if I am telling people I can create beautiful websites and my own website looks like sh*t: nobody will trust me ;) lol ... So, please help me welcome my new look and brand for The Editor's Touch ... I am SO in love with it!!

XO~ Heather

Heather Sharpe | The Editor's Touch | Offering Business Consulting and Website Design to Wedding and Lifestyle Professionals