When I Image Select For My Clients I Am Doing More Than Just Selling Their Product | The Importance of Choosing the Right Images for Your Website and Brand

The Importance of Choosing the Right Images for Your Website and Brand | The Editor's Touch

One of the most important jobs I do is image selection.  Image selecting for my clients is a task I don't take lightly and truly consider it a 'make or break' decision.  There are certain 'tastes' out there that are directly related to the 'type' of client you will attract: sorry, not sorry.  If you've been online *ever* you have clearly seen the difference of branding style and image 'type' that the different companies use to attract their ideal client.  Obvs if you are on Nordstrom you will see a different style of photography and imagery than if you were on Wallmart << again, sorry, not sorry.  I am Nordstrom ALL THE WAY ... and that is why my clients come to ME for their image selection.  They want a Nordstrom client.  They want a Grace Ormonde bride.  They want a Style Me Pretty bride.  They want to impress a bride that is obsessed with Green Wedding Shoes.  So, let's talk about image selection!

When I take on a client I ask them: who is the ideal bride you want to attract?  What blogs does she covet, what budget does she have?  I also get to know my client: is my client sassy? sophisticated? carefree?  When I image select for my clients I need to sell THEM and I need to sell an EXPERIENCE with THEM.  It all works together.  I want to make sure that every image I choose is supporting the goals of their company whilst ( << every time I say 'whilst' I think of Chandler from Friends) creating the expectations of what they will get if they speak to my client about their services.  There needs to be a strategy behind each image.

I always remember the importance of image selection while trolling Etsy ... I straight up refuse to view a shop that has ugly images on it.  If a shop owner doesn't care about showing off their item well in their Etsy shop: how will they package it?  How will they take care of ME: their client?  Plus: if I can't view an item well online before I order it: how will I know it's what I want?  Image selection IS everything.

When I am image selecting for a client to fill their online ads I am considering LOTS of things:  who is the audience of this blog? which images will get rePinned the most? << thus leading brides back to the page that my client's ad is on ... should I use horizontal or vertical? << vertical images get pinned and clicked on more ... what are brides LOVING these days??  If I just throw up images to fill space I am not doing my clients any favors.

Am I more snobby than the average person about images??  YEP!!!  << that, my dears, is why people hire me.  You want a snobby person in your corner when it comes to branding your company images << TRUST ME ON THAT ;)  I am a super sweet girl and I will brand the F*CK out of your business ... I will take something and completely spin it around to unveil something that you might not have even known was there: and pretty much all of it is done with image selection. 

Oh!!  Before I go ... I added a new page to The Editor's Touch!!  Yay!!  It's a page that has an easy *scroll, select, and click* page with the last 30 blog posts from The Editor's Touch blog :)  There is SO MUCH info on here that I can't keep track of it all ... so this page was born!  Enjoy!

XO~ Heather

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