The Knot Real Weddings Study Reveals Something That Should Not Be Ignored!!!

Over Half Of Your Website Traffic Will Come From A Mobile Device

The Knot recently revealed the findings from their annual 'real weddings 'study and while I am not at all surprised by the results, I feel it's worth it for me to share for the 1,000th time on this blog the importance of having a mobile optimized and mobile BEAUTIFUL website.  Below is a screenshot from their research:

I can't say it enough, but maybe I don't have to 'say it' ... I'll show it.  Do this for me RIGHT NOW ... like, RIGHT THIS SECOND:  Go to your phone, open your browser, and go to your website.  Take it in ... click around ... feel how it feels to browse your website and try to READ the text and SEE the photos on your website via your phone.  If you hate it or if you get embarrassed or if you feel any negative feelings what-so-ever then you can't ignore that.  Cause here's the truth:  you are doing that to 'test' how it feels:  a bride won't stay around that long if it's frustrating.

XO~ Heather