Introducing From My Semi-Custom Collection: The Showcase

Semi-custom website design | The Showcase | Squarespace web designer | The Editor's Touch

For the last 6 weeks I have been trying hard to complete my semi-custom website design 'starter' collection of 5 styles ... finally late last night I did!!  I am excited to see if this new 'offering' is a hit and if it's not ... well, I had a lot of fun designing and flexing my creative muscles if even just for me to be better at what I do!

The collection of 5 is a mix of all the looks I usually get asked to create for clients.  Up until now every single one of my websites has been full custom ... and while I love that and will absolutely still and always offer full custom - it's not always ideal for being sensitive to budgets.  This new semi-custom line will offer 'choices' and tweaks for fonts, colors, and (of course) images but keep the cost down-ish for business owners who still want to feel like they are getting a website that they hand picked but who don't want to buy a template and do it themselves.  Plus, every website I create will now include my secret formula for image optimization - which has been a major reason why my clients are so successful after their websites launch!

One of the 5 styles that I designed is called The Showcase!  Using a modern flair with thin borders and text overlay combined with collages that slideshow on the homepage, The Showcase is a great fit for a business owner who has a GORGEOUS collection of images in their portfolio of work!

The Showcase offers 3 'call to action' button styles to choose from and much more ...

Semi-custom website design | The Showcase | Squarespace web designer | The Editor's Touch

Jenny Quicksall was so kind to allow me to use her images for my demo ... the images she took were shot at a Jose Villa Workshop and they are so delicious!!!

I am super excited to introduce all 5 of my semi-custom websites on this blog ... if you want to see them now you can pop into my semi-custom website design page and browse!

XO~ Heather