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I have been so apprehensive about hiring a web designer that it took me a year to finally put my deposit down with Heather. She has been so helpful with combining my different styles of invitations and products on my website so that is looks clean and professional! I can’t wait to show off my new website and see how it will help my business grow. Thank you so much Heather!
— The Stylish Scribe

My website design project for Jessica and the team at The Stylish Scribe (a company who focuses on destination wedding stationery and Reno wedding invitations ) was tricky.  Jessica did NOT love her website - she didn't even want people to go there - but Google LOVED it.  The Stylish Scribe website that Jessica had coded years ago was getting lots of Google love and the love was resulting in SALES.  I did not want to mess with that at all.  The good news was that Jessica had secured some pretty good domains through Go Daddy back in the day and we came up with a strategic plan to create a new and beautiful FACE for her business while keeping the old site living on the internet.

Now, this is not something you can do with a CLEAR PLAN in place.  Google also hates it when there are two websites out there with identical information on them .... so we had to do this very carefully.  I believe in our strategy and it's going to be fun to see it all unfold and to see how this new website goes for Jessica and their sales :)

Below is a sneak peek of the homepage I designed for the 'new and improved' Stylish Scribe website: | Website Design For The Stylish Scribe | Reno Wedding Invitations | Squarespace Website Designer

My client had a few key items they offer that are huge hits with their target market ... I wanted to make sure those were clearly displayed with buttons on the homepage linking to that particular focus.  As always, every image on this website is optimized to guide traffic their way ... and I will be pinning like crazy to my following to generate interest to the new website design.

Jessica, I'm so happy this day has arrived!!!!  I can't wait to see what happens next!

View the live website here:

XO~ Heather

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