The Way Details Are Photographed MATTERS To A Publishing Editor - Want To Get Featured on The TOP Wedding Blogs? Stop Doing This:


If there was a shirt that said: PHOTOGRAPHY SHOB << I'd buy 3 ... if there was a shirt that said: SENSITIVE TO DATED MATERIAL ... I'd also buy 3 ... Look, I didn't write the 'wedding industry' rules, but I certainly play by them.  If you want to get featured on big name blogs you better start educating yourself on WHAT it is that they WANT.

If you want to get featured on Green Wedding Shoes but you don't know how to take current detail shots, then I'm sorry but it's not gonna happen.  Let me give you an example using shoes.

This detail shot that may have been popular for a minute or two has GOT TO STOP being passed around ... no, no, no, no.  Just no.  

Heels together or toes together ... ICK - and in a big way ICK.

Heather, what the f*ck is your problem right now??  These look darling!

Sure they do!  They are graphics.

If I could take really bad detail shots by a photographer out there in the world and put those here instead and have everyone applaud me, I would ... but that would never happen.  What I can do is show GORGEOUS examples of what TO DO using real images like these which were photographed by my client Michelle Beller:

Beautiful Wedding Photography | Michelle Beller
Beautiful Wedding Photography | Michelle Beller
Beautiful Wedding Photography | Michelle Beller

Look, I'm sorry that wedding blog editors want lots of detail shots, but again:  I didn't write the wedding industry rules ... although, I like to think that I helped build them while I ran Style Unveiled.  There are certain 'industry standards' and brides and grooms are educated on these wedding blogs ... therefore what they see online is what they will learn to love.  Just like we are all formed to love certain fashion trends based on what is put in front of our faces over and over and over again.  

Last note I need to make and this is a BIG one that I'm shocked I still see out there in the world:

Wedding rings photographed in a bouquet ...

PLEASE. STOP. IT.  I get it:  some brides ask for this shot ... ok, fine.  But that doesn't mean you have to share that shot with anyone on the internet or on social media.  It definitely doesn't mean you should ever blog it or submit that shot to a big name wedding blog that has high standards.  If you want the 'best wedding blog' badge of honor: don't submit a ring shot inside a bouquet unless you 'hot tub time machined it' back to the 1990's ... 

Are there blogs out there who will happily publish the 'bad examples' I gave in here??  Of course!!!  There are millions of wedding blogs out there and there is a place for each wedding IMO ...

I am speaking to those of you who complain about not being picked by the cream of the crop

... the big wedding blogs that every bride knows and dreams about being featured on ... if you keep submitting to those blogs and keep getting a 'no, sorry it's not a fit' ... then it's time to consider that it may be your detail shots.

XO~ Heather

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