My Daughter is Screaming and My Son Will Most Certainly be Late for School - But So Far This Day is Awesome!!!

Testimonial for Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch

If you had a peek into my house right now you'd be like: whoa, that lady needs a vacation ... I am sitting at my computer cupping my coffee like it is the only thing keeping me alive, my daughter is screaming at me from the other room because she wants me to hand her the water cup that is literally right next to her, and my son is refusing to get dressed for school - but every time I offer my help he 'doesn't want to wear those pants' ... Did I mention that I got only 4 hours of sleep last night because a certain 'little lady' didn't want to sleep in her own bed???  Life is happening hardcore this morning ... you think I'd be a grumpface ... but, oh no ... not me!!!  I am SO excited because this amazing email came to me this morning and simply read:

I just want you to know the gorgeous website you made me is working … I’m getting some great inquiries and compliments on my site — even wedding planners!  First time ever, girl, first time!!!

This MADE my day ... and it hasn't even started yet!!  This is why I do this.  This is what makes me want to tear myself out of a bed I slept in for only 4 hours ... knowing that I'm making a difference in the lives of business owners who just need a little guidance to showcase THEIR ART - what THEY DO - what an incredible feeling.  Miriam, who sent me this, had her website launch just last month ... here is that story.

Another awesome thing that has happened today is that one of my clients has been featured on Every Last Detail for this swanky Palm Springs wedding.  I love submitting work on behalf of my clients and then seeing the finished product online!!!  Congratulations, Dana Grant Photography!!!!  Can't wait to do it again!

Yes, this post was a total brag-fest ... but sometimes you have to celebrate yourself!!!  Go on, celebrate YOU today ... instead of focusing on what's not getting done (like the fact that my son still isn't dressed and school starts in 35 minutes) focus on what you DID accomplish ... it feels pretty f*cking great.

XO~ Heather

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