Too Much Text = Tata!! Choosing When and Where to Include Text on Your Website

Including Too Much Text on Your Website

The #1 reason clients come to The Editor's Touch is that their bookings have gone down or their traffic isn't leading to hires ... and they are scared and concerned.  The wedding and lifestyle industry is made up almost completely of small business owners ... which means if you don't get clients: you don't get paid.  I consult my clients on what isn't working, what could be working better, and we come up with kick ass ideas to help boost the strengths of each company I work with ... I have a strong pulse on what a company needs to do to get to where they want to be ... and one of my favorite things is making things happen online.

One of the biggest issues I see a lot of wedding or lifestyle professionals make with their company website is TOO MUCH TEXT and in all the wrong places ... There is a fine line between too little text (Google will totally ignore that you exist) and too much text (Google with think you are spamming and ignore that you exist) ... and putting SEO (search engine optimization) reason aside, the bigger question is: what do your potential clients think!?

>> Too Much Text = Tata!!! <<

You are a wedding professional ... which means you work at weddings ... which means you work at an event that changes trends every month (it seems!) ... which means you have less than 5 seconds to capture that bride's or client's attention with something to pull at their emotions ... will 5 paragraphs of text do that!?  Mmmmmmm: NOPE!.  Will your logo and blurbs of text do it!?  My guess: a big, fat NOPE!.  Your homepage, your contact us page, your galleries page, your 'about us' page ... any page that a bride might happen to first needs to have IMAGES on it ... something to draw their interest ... something to keep them around.  Here's the thing: unless your website is informational or a site people come to for advice (like The Editor's Touch) you need to keep your text to a minimum ... keep Google happy (so roughly 350 characters on the pages that make sense for text) and then keep it image focused and explain the images in a way that appeals to a bride or client who has way more to do and way more wedding professional websites to visit (remember!! you have lots of competition on the web!) ... so ZERO long winded paragraphs (that's what your blog is for ... as long as you have plenty of eye-candy to go along with it) ... pages of your website should be bullet points or in FAQ form: so a heading question or topic and then to follow: 1-3 sentences answering that question or topic.

If a bride is drawn in by your images and your product she will contact you for the rest ... so 'tease' with text on your website ... write novels (if you must) in your blog posts ... and you'll probably see less 'tata' and more: TADA!!!!  I just got a new client!!

XO~ Heather

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