Trump Won. WTF? Yes. Now What?

What Does Donald Trump's Win Mean For Us?

Waking up today will feel different depending on what 'side' you are on ... today you may be celebrating ... today you may be crying ... today you may be shaking in fear.  I, myself, was SHOCKED to see what happened in the polls last night and it was a weird feeling to go from 'ok, this is fun ... but let's see what happens later in the night' to >> 'holy sh*t, he may actually pull this off!' ... but, if I'm being honest, it's not so much the decision that our country made that scares me most, but what I'm reading all over FB this morning.  The SCREAMS that are echoing my feed are too much and I believe that is the REAL problem today.

Someone needs to remind their friends, their neighbor, their coworkers:  WE DECIDE HOW WE BEHAVE.  You didn't wake up today without the power to decide how you act, how you treat people.  Having Trump win doesn't take away your ability to be kind, to lend a hand, to continue on living your life with compassion and love.


Am I terrified??? YES!!!  I'm terrified of the people filling this country - NOT the guy who will be our president.  I'm afraid of the person who is so freaked out by the decision of our country last night that he decides to do something awful.  THIS IS THE ISSUE.  

What can we do?  Stop freaking out.  Stop being dramatic on FB.  Stop making plans to move to Canada << yes, even I joked about that one.  Trump is NOT the problem.  We are.

I remind you of all the things you are STILL ABLE TO DO TODAY:

  • love your children
  • help someone who needs it
  • hug your spouse
  • say 'hi' to someone you don't know
  • smile
  • say something encouraging to someone who has lost hope

I understand that I am not a minority, I am not living here illegally.  But again, I will say:  YOU STILL HAVE THE ABILITY TO DECIDE HOW YOU BEHAVE ... Trump did not take that away.

And for the record:  for those of you who are saying:  Sure, says the Trump lover << I was never for Trump ...  I wasn't for Hillary either.

XO~ Heather