Trusting Your Gut Can Be Scary as a Small Business Owner

Trusting Your Gut is Hard when it comes to Business | The Editor's Touch

When I stepped down and resigned from the last company I worked for, I did so without knowing what the future would hold ... I made the decision without knowing where the money for our rent would come from (that was due 3 weeks later!!), without knowing if I had any other skills I could utilize, without knowing if a company would hire me ... but my gut was SCREAMING at me to end that chapter and I couldn't ignore it any longer.

Don't Ignore the Screams (or whispers) From Inside

trust your hunches - they're usually facts filed away

Being a small business owner is terrifying because you depend on YOURSELF.  You have to answer the emails, you have to decide who to hire to help you, you have to decide what clients to take and which ones not to ... but I feel there is one thing that will never let you down:  the voice inside that either warns or celebrates ... the one that says: these clients are going to be bad news or the one that says I know you need the money, but don't discount your prices that low ... and isn't it annoying that when you push down those nagging voices and refuse to do what they say: sooner or later you REGRET not listening.

Trust Your Gut and The Inner Voice

What's My Point?

You are you because of YOU.  You made the decision to start a business, you make the decisions on how to run your business, and you can make the decision on what NOT to do with your business.  And you should.  Every single time.  It never fails that when I see a wedding pro on Facebook who is upset they are usually saying something along the lines of: I knew this bride would be bad news and now I'm seeing I was right ... or, I have been meeting with a bride nonstop and none of these hours were included in my contract and now I'm pissed ...

the gut does NOT lie.  So trust it.

Next time you meet with a new client or a wedding pro who reached out to you and you get that 'not so comfy' feeling in your tummy << LISTEN TO IT!!!  Please :)  This may be the most important tool you have for your small business and in the moment it may be super scary to turn away a client who wants to hand you their money or walk away from an outreached hand that wants to network with you or refer you ... but at least you will save yourself tons of stress and regret later :)

XO~ Heather

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