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Last week I was so honored to have Tayler Cusick-Hollman of Sourced Co. as a guest here on The Editor's Touch blog ... the interview is one you SHOULD NOT MISS ... she is a plethora of information and one thing she said in the interview was this:


It is such a strong, true statement - one that I feel many business owners forget in a panic - but if anything is more important during a dip in hires or sales it's this:


I think a lot of business owners think that the reason the phone isn't ringing with their DREAM client is because they aren't putting ENOUGH out there ... but in my opinion it's because they are putting TOO MUCH of the WRONG STUFF out there ... and so when Tayler worded it so eloquently in her interview I was like:


A lot of people come to me because they don't know how to attract their target market ... they thought they were doing it correctly or they hired someone they trusted to create an online space for them that would speak to their ideal client ... but it didn't work ... something that I love more than anything is taking a pile of 'stuff' from my clients .... be it images of their events, products, work ... logo files, blurbs, verbiage ... and I take all that, I ask them:


They tell me ... and then I start choosing ... I choose what I love ... I throw out what I hate ... how do I choose???  I have no idea ... LOL ... it's intuition, I suppose ... I have always been a girl who knows what will work when I see it ... and I make decisions very quickly ... take for instance,

Unveiled Hawaii

Lorrie wanted to stand out amongst her competition immediately - to catch the attention of website visitors who were being sent to her website from preferred vendor lists that venues were handing out to their brides.  She knew that her target market client were the visitors of these venues and that perhaps the first thing they would do after visiting their venue or booking their venue was to go to each website on the preferred vendor list they received one by one ... we had to capture not only their attention at 'first click' but also keep them around and LOVING every single thing that Lorrie of Unveiled Hawaii offered, created, molded, and planned ... her client is someone that wants to get married in Hawaii and work with the BEST of the BEST planner that Hawaii has to offer ... to see her website and go: WOW, this is powerful and feel an emotional connection right away.

PIROUETTE PAPER | The Editor's Touch Squarespace Website Designer | Wedding Industry Expert | Web Design for Creatives

Kaylyn of Pirouette Paper, a wedding invitation designer and calligrapher, used these words to describe her preferred client:  classic, timeless, romantic, clean, and modern ... it was important for her website to attract and keep that style of client around while also making sure to earn their trust immediately by showing her skill level.  This was achieved by using the most beautiful photography possible ... luckily Kaylyn works with the best photographers around ... the photographs chosen on each of the pages of Kaylyn's website evoke all the words she uses to describe her perfect client .... we all know the phrase:  a picture speaks a thousand words ... well, in this case the pictures showcase Kaylyn's beautiful calligraphy and invitations in words and it makes a major impact on her website visitors. 

TIP:  you can create the most BEAUTIFUL pieces of art ... but if they are photographed hideously, nobody will know that when they come to your website.  Don't skimp on images when it comes to portraying your brand and message to the rest of the world ;)

FIRST COMES LOVE EVENTS | The Editor's Touch Squarespace Website Designer | Wedding Industry Expert | Web Design for Creatives

When Katie of First Comes Love Events came to me her logo was AMAZING!!!!!!  Her logo was the EXACT visual of the type of client she wanted to attract ... but her website didn't follow suit.  Katie wanted a website that supported her logo and played alongside the same message.  I loved being inspired by such a fun logo and designed an online space for Katie that did exactly what she wanted it to do.  The vibe is fun, the energy is high while still being soft and romantic and it's luxurious in all the right ways ... young, hip, and stylish clients will LOVE what is going on for First Comes Love Events online and I'm hoping it will bring more of what Katie loves every step of the way!

If you are getting more and more and more of the type of client you are hoping you would have graduated away from by now, then it sounds like you need someone to come in and clean house ... to take away all the stuff that's attracting the WRONG clients and bring in more of what your target market is after ...

XO~ Heather

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