Dreaming Of Hawaii!! Website Launch Party For Unveiled Hawaii!

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After finding The Editor’s Touch through an industry colleague via a column Heather had written, once I landed on her page it hit me like a ton of bricks that not only was it time to give my website a facelift, it also HAD to be her! Heather just gets it, and she got me. She listened intently to my concerns and uncertainties, and did not sugar coat anything, which I appreciated. My biggest concern was that my website did not feel like me, however with just a few emails exchanged, a phone call and too many texts and DM’s to count, here we are, and I truly feel over the moon. This is just what I needed to launch me back onto the path I have desired for my brand all along, and for that there are not enough words to express enough the gratitude I feel in my heart. Thank you Heather for listening to me, and for providing me with an outstanding service that has not gone un-noticed. You truly have a gift and I am just one of the lucky ones that had the opportunity to experience it!
— Lorrie, Unveiled Hawaii

When you've been in the wedding industry as long as I have, there are certain names you just know ... people you admire, look up to, are inspired by ... and one of those people for me is Lorrie of Unveiled Hawaii (a destination wedding planner in Hawaii).  I have admired her from afar for a long time ... followed her growth and business launches ... loved her work ... hoped to meet her one day ... and then, like out a dream, I found an email from her pop into my inbox ... and I could hardly believe it.

Lorrie and I hit it off right away ... I loved her immediately and the 'reasons' I had been a fan of hers before were just confirmed ... she's real, honest, appreciates people being real back, and beyond all that:  she trusted me.  I am someone who can pour out my best work when people trust me ... and it was something I valued so much when it came to working with Lorrie of Unveiled Hawaii.

When we first sat down to discuss goals for the new website, I wanted to make sure I was designing a website that made sense to the visitor immediately ... I wanted it to feel like Hawaii, create an emotional connection with the visitor, and beyond that I wanted the website to make sense ... have a clear 'voice' that led the visitors through the website without confusion and without a bunch of wordy paragraphs that didn't have a clear call to action.

I started out with a scrolling homepage that bursted with vibrant colors, told the visitor what to expect, and clearly presented a path of 'clickable' yummies to entice people to view more pages.  The homepage I designed is below:

Squarespace Website Designer | The Editor's Touch | Web Design Hawaii

Lorrie wanted a press page that did more than just showcase badges on a page ... I loved her ideas and feedback about this page and I played around with a shape that reminded me of a tropical Hawaiian flower that we ended up using in the final design ... this page is built 'magazine style' with stories to accommodate the images and then the badges neatly placed between ... this page is one of my favorite pages of the new website:

Squarespace Website Designer | The Editor's Touch | Web Design Hawaii

Saving the best for last ... at least, I think so ... the portfolio page for Unveiled Hawaii was a labor of love for me to design ... I kept seeing a page that felt exciting while still being beautiful ... I like the editorial 'feel' of the thumbnails and how they change sides for each row ... I think this is a page that visitors will enjoy being on as it feels both comfortable and energetic all at the same time ... below is the portfolio page I dreamed up for Lorrie:

Squarespace Website Designer | The Editor's Touch | Web Design Hawaii

... lovely as ever on an ipad ... easy to use and navigate ... I imagine planning brides getting more and more excited to travel to Hawaii not only for their wedding, but to meet, work with, and plan with Lorrie of Unveiled Hawaii ... paradise ...

Squarespace Website Designer | The Editor's Touch | Web Design Hawaii

... on my 'to do' list???  Plan my next trip to Hawaii so I can meet Lorrie in person ... 

Squarespace Website Designer | The Editor's Touch | Web Design Hawaii

Lorrie, I am sooooooo freaking excited for you right now!  I know this is a day you've been waiting and wanting for so long and now we get to sip Mai Tais in celebration that it's here!!!!!

View the live and launched website here >>  http://www.unveiledhawaii.com/

XO~ Heather