Useful Things To Do With Your Pinterest 'Source' Link

Useful Things To Do With Your Pinterest 'Source' Link | The Editor's Touch

There are lots of companies that hire me to simply 'optimize' the images on their website.  Heather, you don't just design websites?? Noooooo!!  Images are my gig.  I know how to select them, what to do with them, and how to optimize them using tricks I have perfected since the day I launched Style Unveiled in October of 2008.  When a company hires me to optimize the images on their website I am making sure that each image is coded with text that Google and Pinterest will love and find useful.  It's one of my favorite things to do because I feel like I am solving a very big problem.  Oh, and I'm really good at it ;)  Don't we all love to do things we are good at!!?? 

One of the tools I use to establish where a company is at with their images and what is and isn't working for them is their Pinterest Source Link:

If you go to that link using your website .com in place of '' you can learn all sorts of things about how your images are or aren't optimized.  If a company comes to me and hires me to optimize their images I go in and re-code all of their images to say something else - something more helpful for their company.

Here is a list of fun things you can do with your Pinterest 'Source' Link:

  1. Comment on Pins from your fans:  Do you have people pinning from your website!!??  Hooray!!!  Go comment on their pin and show them you appreciate them!  This will remind them you exist and may lead to them pinning even more from your website or blog!  It may also make them follow you if they weren't already!
  2. Repin pins from your website or blog:  Give them a second life on Pinterest!  Every morning you could go to your Pinterest 'source' link and repin a few to reboot their existence on Pinterest.
  3. Learn from them: What do you see pop up in the description of the pins from your source link?  Is it good?  Bad?  If you see a lot of pins with this guy:  34%*#_fjklwo.jpg << then you know you have work to do behind the scenes!
  4. Make a blog post out of them:  Do you see images that are very popular from your website being pinned multiple times?  Sounds like a great round-up blog post to me!!!  Pick the 5 most 'pinned' images from your website or blog and talk about them in a post:  relinking to the gallery or blog post on your website to generate more page views and clicks!

Pinterest source links are very telling and useful! Go see what yours is doing!!!

XO~ Heather