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Using Twitter For Your Business | The Editor's Touch

One of the very first blog posts I wrote on The Editor's Touch was about Twitter and how to disconnect Facebook from posting to your Twitter feed.  I still 100% stand by that and today I'm going to take it one step further:  

>> Don't Send Your Instagram Feed to Twitter <<

You can absolutely feel free to disagree with me here ... but Twitter is a social media platform on its own!  It has a use!  It's networking brilliance at work!  What would happen if we all started using Twitter the way it was meant to be used ... who would you meet?  

When I joined Twitter in 2008 (I believe it was still in beta at that time) it was all about the conversation ... and people would TWEET BACK!!  Crazy, right??  I remember when Amy of Wedding Chicks was sitting in an airport somewhere and we were having a full on Twitter conversation about her trip and how crazy the travel had been ... Do people do this anymore?  I know I try to!!

Here's what I suggest: don't just re-post other social media feeds to your Twitter ... if you really insist on posting all your Instagram posts to your Twitter feed then at least try to go on there every once in a while and Tweet something with a photo ... or Tweet at somebody you admire and strike up a conversation!  It's not that hard to do and it takes 2 seconds of your time.

My shining gold star of the day goes to my client Michelle Leo Events.  Her Twitter feed is GORGEOUS ... she uses Twitter exactly how it should be used.

I am going to pass along another shiny gold star to Joy Wed Blog, who is another client of mine ... Stacey's Twitter feed is BEAUTIFUL and so retweetable!!

I understand that if you don't have a lot of Twitter followers it seems like a waste ... but the way you get followers on any social media platform is by USING IT ... and remember that social media reminds people that you exist ... and it keeps your business thriving!

XO~ Heather