Using Your Personal FB Page for Business Sh*t: Is This a Do or a Don't?

Using Your Personal Facebook Page for Business | The Editor's Touch

I had a full on adult tantrum on my personal FB page the other day ... like a 'woe is me' moment ... it was about my daughter and her upcoming birthday party << you know, the real important sh*t in life ... Anyhoo, I posted it, had my moment of shaming and shame, and an hour later I deleted it and moved on (sorta ... I am still fuming on the inside a bit) ... but it got me thinking:

>> When it comes to your personal FB page, is it a do or a don't to post business sh*t? <<

I have always been very 'no boundaries' when it comes to my social media accounts ... even during the Style Unveiled days the only social media accounts that were full on business were the Style Unveiled business FB page and the Style Unveiled Google+ page ... and with The Editor's Touch it's the same ... personal with a side of business.  But with my personal FB page I have TONS of 'friends' who are in the wedding industry ... so I typically share lots of The Editor's Touch news on my personal page ... but then I also do my personal posts, which apparently now include adult tantrums ... 

So, I'm trying to figure out if I have to be 'have it together Heather' for my personal FB posts and try to remain always professional since I share business posts there ... 

What does everyone else think about this subject?  I am still deciding!  Post in the comments and we'll discuss!

XO~ Heather

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