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I have been a music lover all my life.  My mom and dad forced me to take piano lessons and voice lessons when I was younger ... I say 'forced' because at the time it felt that way ... then, when I was in high school and I auditioned for a select choir in called Vocalpoint! Seattle and GOT ACCEPTED I realized that they did me a huge favor.  Those 'forced lessons' that I may have hated from time to time embedded something in me that is priceless:  drive, the willingness to work hard even when you don't want to, a musical ear, creativity, and a sense of feeling something on a deeper level.  I will be forever grateful that my parents took the time to sign me up for music lessons (and listen to me whine constantly about it) and even though I can't play a note on the piano now (it's not like riding a bike!!!!) I have those memories and an appreciation for music that will never leave me.  So, when I got a call from Josh Vietti, a hip-hop violinist, about designing his website I was SUPER excited about it!!

When Josh came to me his website had a few things wrong with it ... 1, it wasn't mobile optimized by Google's standards 2, it wasn't easy to update (which is super important for a musician who performs!) and 3, it was very dated.  Josh is BLOWING up: srsly, check out his YouTube page, and the last thing he needed was his fans to be excited about him, go to his website, and have their momentum killed by 'the ugly' of his website.  So, we fixed all that ;)

Below are screenshots of the website Josh Vietti had before he hired me:

I spoke to Josh about the priorities of his growing business and made sure to incorporate those on the scrolling homepage with 'calls to action' and large images to pull in interest.  I embedded Spotify lists of his albums so that people could listen right there on his website and get excited to hear more.  We also wanted to make sure his YouTube videos were easily accessible because that is something that Josh is really focusing on and we wanted to make sure people knew about it and wanted to see more right away.

Below is a sneak peek of the homepage I designed for Josh: | Josh Vietti Website Designer | The Editor's Touch | Squarespace Web Design

Josh Vietti has been on Ellen, CBS, ESPN, etc, etc(!!!!) and we wanted to make sure his press was on every page ... the footer of his website shows off his badges of honor and also leads visitors to all of his social media - including SnapChat.  I love how this turned out!!

Darla, who is Josh's wife, sent me a testimonial this morning about their time working with me:

"Where do I start? First of all, Heather is amazing! Professional, easy to work with, talented and extremely fast. As a fellow designer myself, I truly appreciate the ways in which Heather approaches website designing. My husband has needed a new website for quite some time and the end product she created exceeded our expectations on every level! I have worked with other web designers in the past and never knew the process could be this easy with such amazing results. Seriously, if you're a professional in search of a website, Heather is the way to go! Thank you again for everything, Heather!!"

Go see his live website here and make sure you take a listen to his music and watch the videos.  His music inspired me as I designed and I am forever a fan!

XO~ Heather