Webinar: Better Blogging For Google and Pinterest Love

Webinar:  Better Blogging For Google and Pinterest Love

OMG, am I doing this????  My first (of many I hope!!) webinar!!??  Mercury is almost out of retrograde (today is the last day!!) and I'm feeling a little safer from the terrors of that craziness ... so let's do this!  I have lots to share ... my first webinar will be:

>> Better Blogging for Google and Pinterest Love <<

What's Involved:

  1. I will teach tips for Squarespace blogs only - so only sign up if you have or plan to have a Squarespace interface
  2. I will share tips on image selection and making sure that you are doing it right for more traffic and more interest.
  3. I will share how to optimize for the BEST results on both Google and Pinterest.
  4. We will discuss tagging and categories and how to best use them.
  5. We will chat about making the most of your content within each post.
  6. We will discuss titles and landing urls for blog posts.
  7. I will show special tricks for sizing your blog in Squarespace and the different uses for each image gallery.
  8. There will be a 30 minute questions and answers portion - and I will also send each participant a link to submit their questions prior to the webinar date.

What's The Cost:

>> $350 <<

For $350 each participant will get a 2 hour webinar course that includes 1.5 hours of teaching and watching my screen and a 30 minute questions and answers portion.  I will show how I blog with screen sharing and talk through the process of making the best of your blog posts within Squarespace.  I will demonstrate how to build different types of landing pages and share how different templates come with different blog styles.  This will be an in depth education on creating a blog post in Squarespace.

Why Should You Care What I Say:

I have been designing websites and blogging in Squarespace for over 10 years.  My first website as a wedding coordinator was a SS website, Style Unveiled was a SS website, and The Editor's Touch is SS.  Every website I design for my clients uses SS.  If you want to know more about making the most of your SS blog - I can definitely help.

How To Sign Up:

Simply fill out the form below, submit, and then I will contact you via email with the 'sign up' necessities!  I am only taking 12 participants ... the date of this webinar is February 18th and it will start at 11:00 am PST.  

XO~ Heather

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