Is There A Brain Behind That Beautiful Face? Is Your Website Built For Speed or For Comfort?

Having a website that is both strategic and beautiful | The Editor's Touch

There is a lot of 'talk out there' about having a gorgeous website ... making 'the pretty' and keeping visitors visually stimulated and happy.  I don't argue that this is super important.  But if you sit down with your website designer and there isn't any strategic talk, but only design: you have an issue.  Beautiful websites are a must:  YES ... but if there isn't a brain behind all that beauty: nobody wants to stick around.

When you speak to a website designer you need to ask them: what do you see my strategy being?  What do you suggest we do?  What are some good 'online goals' for a business like mine?  How can I keep things fresh?  They should have these answers!  If all they do is talk about 'making it pretty' then you might want to rethink your decision to hire them.  Even further: if they don't know sh*t about weddings, brides, or events: that is an issue too :(

There are some gorgeous websites out there - but when the owners of these websites come to me for my analysis I take away the makeup and I strip off the designer clothing - I want to get to know their website for what it's SAYING - and typically what I see isn't good.  There are a lot of lazy website designers out there who take advantage of clients who 'don't know any better' and who don't know that there should be more than just how a website looks.  Heather, can you please stop talking sh*t about other businesses to make yourself look better!?  I promise that's not what I'm doing.  This happens A LOT ... you have no idea!  Websites that are GORGEOUS - yet have not a thing going on to create any sort of 'magic' behind the scenes to create online success.  

Just think about it ... consider what I'm saying.  Take a look at your website with a strategic eye and ask yourself if it's built for speed or comfort?  

XO~ Heather