BAM!!!!!!! Website Design Project Completed for Cody Floral Design

Website Design for Cody Floral Design | The Editor's Touch

Sometimes things just CLICK!!  The client is easy to work with, the images speak to me, the design process comes to me ... and BAM: a website design begins and is completed in less than 1 day ... like with Cody Floral Design.

Laura Sangas became my client after coming in 2nd place for the website design giveaway I ran a few months ago ... and I've been dying to get her new site launched!  She was on my September calendar and I was able to start her project yesterday ... and today is September 1st ;)  Haha!!  LOVE IT.

We still have a few images to add ... a few more blog posts, and a press page ... but because her old website wasn't mobile optimized we really wanted to get this UP and going!!  Below are some screenshots of her old website:

... and below the design I created for Laura:

Laura needed a new logo and she and I worked together to create something that she loved and that spoke to her brand.  We wanted a clean site that showed off her work and let her designs speak for themselves.  I absolutely adore how it turned out and I know that she will see a huge difference in the clients coming to her site ... prequalified clients and her target market!!

Here is a link to view the live site:

Congrats, Laura!!!

XO~ Heather