My Crazy Web Design Calendar ... Here's An Idea: The 'starter kit' by The Editor's Touch

The Website Design Starter Kit by The Editor's Touch | Website Design

I am currently booking into February now for website designs ... what on Earth!!??  Yeah.  I am so grateful and feel so blessed ... and oh yeah, feeling so stressed.  I feel bad because a website is something you want NOW ... not later ... you want to be rebranded NOW and have Google start indexing NOW ... hence: the 'shell site' by The Editor's Touch has been born.

>> What is that, Heather?? <<

Rather than hire me to do the full design I create a 'starter kit' ... and we get you LIVE to make nice with Google during the big Panda 4.2 unleashing ... and then I teach you how to do the rest.  We get on Skype, I show you how to do what you need to do ... and you can slowly start doing the rest while your 'shell site' remains live and BEAUTIFUL!!  It's essentially a teaching seminar between me and you and you also get me to design the layout and do 'my thing' to get you live.

>> Well, why wouldn't I just hire you do that now and then wait until your calendar opens up to finish it for me? <<

You can do that ... but I am a really good teacher ;)  If you want to at least try to learn how to do the rest after I design the layout you may realize you LOVE doing it!!

>> So what's the deal??  You realized you hate designing full websites and you want to stop doing it??  <<

F*ck no!!!  OMG ... I loooooove designing websites, but I'm running into an issue with wedding pros who really want to work with me but are having a hard time waiting until February or later to get started ... so I had to get scrappy and come up with a compromise ... because at the end of the day there is only ONE of me ... and while I'd love to just start launching new websites every single day, it's just not realistic :(

>> What if I already retained you for my website design and I'm waiting until later than I'd like?  Can I just switch to this? <<

Yep :)  If you have already retained me and are getting antsy waiting we can bump you to a shell site ... all that would be required is your 2nd payment ... as the shell site takes out the 3rd payment of your contract.  The payment required would be for the remaining up to the full price of the 'shell site' package ... so if your second payment is $500 (for some reason) but there is $1000 left from your balance to pay for this package, your 2nd payment would be more than previously discussed.  Make sense?  Basically there is a price tag attached to this and it will stay what it is ;)

>> How long would it take to have my starter website live? <<

I can't make any promises, as it depends on how quickly I receive the materials I need ... but on average you'd be up and ready to start your part of the website building in under 1 week ... yeah, I know ... a gorgeous website 'shell' in 1 week ... imagine the possibilities!!! 

Want to discuss this and see if it's a fit for you?  Contact me and we'll chat!

XO~ Heather

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