Website Designers Are Horrible Communicators!! ... They Never Answer Emails!! WTF Is Their Problem??


Here's a topic that I have really wanted to address on this blog ... but, for obvious reasons, have tried to avoid it.  But after continuously seeing posts on FB about 'this' I can't hold it back any longer.  The posts I see go something like this:

I can't seem to have any luck with website designers ... it is always a bad experience .... 

As a website designer I know fully well that 'we' have a bad reputation of NOT ANSWERING EMAILS ... or not doing things quickly enough ... or not creating exactly what you envisioned online.  Here's the problem:

we are dealing with people + our own 'life happens' moments + an uncontrollable thing called the internet

That combo can sometimes be very sticky.  Sometimes people don't send the right information in the way we asked for it, sometimes the internet decides to load SLOWLY and we get backed up, sometimes people don't understand the logistics of the internet and blame us for something we can't control, sometimes the wifi decides to go down and you lose an hour of work, sometimes people have HIGHER expectations than what is internet-ly possible, sometimes we get the flu and are out for a week and get majorly backed up ... the point is this:  

website designers are ONE THIRD of the issue  

Consider this: you figure (and hope!) a website designer has designed more than just one website, right?  And those websites continue to live online and need updating and changes ... and those website owners probably have questions or problems that come up or need changes ... now, with a wedding professional when your event or wedding is over - it's done!  In most cases you won't hear from that bride and groom again for the rest of your career (unless of course they hire you to plan a social party) ;)  With a website it's different ... when we design a website and it goes live it is still THERE ...

our clients will continue to email us FOREVER

... and this is not me complaining!!  I looooove my clients ... but I have just as many hours in the day as you .... and if I've designed 50-ish websites and continue to design more ... and there are 50-ish clients of mine out there ... well, can you imagine what my inbox is like?  <<

don't go there, it's terrifying.

I just want to put a little word out there to people who HATE website designers or have one THEY HATE ... this is not an easy position to be in.  I love it!!  LOVE. IT. But a little compassion for website designers who take a little bit longer to answer an email than you'd like would be amazing ;)  And if you hear of a website designer that SUCKS ASS but you love their work, consider that maybe a large part of the problem was their client and not their service ... you've had nightmare clients I'm sure??  Brides who HATED you when all you did was try to make them happy?  It happens with us too ;)

XO~ Heather

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