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Yes, I know ... totally snarky graphic above ... but it's TRUE!!!  There are certain cookie cutters that have been 'put out there' for wedding blogs and not all weddings fit in 'em!  Are you with me!?  If you don't have an **outdoor, breezy, blush and gold with accents of neutral color palette, very specific photography style, and macarons on the table** submission ... are you SOL?

Now, let's be clear:  I'm totally into what I just said: have you seen my new branding for The Editor's Touch??  So, for me to come on here and make a comment like that ... hello, glass houses ... BUT: we're talking about weddings here, not my chosen brand for my consultation business ... let's get serious:

>> If you are a wedding professional and have a ballroom wedding with colors that pop, where do you submit it? <<

I read a blog post today on a Santa Barbara photographer's blog and it really made me think that maybe ya'll truly believe that if you don't hold a 'Featured on SMP' badge of honor you mean nothing in this industry ... that couldn't be further from the truth.  SMP, great blog .. Wedding Chicks, great blog ... The Perfect Palette, great blog ... Every Last Detail, great blog ... Southern California Bride, great blog ... Bridal Musings, great blog ... Why is it that when you have your BEST weddings and your BEST work: you have 2 blogs you submit to?  This happens, don't roll your eyes ...

I consult wedding pros on a daily basis about getting their work featured and where to submit ... I have to keep reminding them that there are more than 2 blogs in this world ... beautiful blogs with editors that work their asses off to promote YOU :)  I get this all the time: Heather, which of these weddings do you think SMP will accept?  Heather, how can I create a shoot that SMP will want to feature? ... and while these are fair questions and I'm happy to answer them and help to the best of my ability ... I want to kindly remind everyone that getting featured on as MANY AS POSSIBLE is way better for your SEO!  Google and other search engines care that LOTS of links love you ... not just a few ;)  Rethinking those HUNDREDS of pins out there?  Yeah ... you want lots of links coming into your website from all over the place ... so next time you hold a gorgeous submission in the palm of your hands and you are considering your options: maybe pick a blog you've never been on before ... and see what happens ;)

As I always like to say:  COLLECT THOSE BADGES, BABY!!

XO~ Heather