I am Producing a Design Challenge! There are 10 Spots Available! Here's How it Works:

Design Challenge | The Editor's Touch

One of my favorite things about running Style Unveiled was promoting the wedding professionals who were adored members ... and one way I did this was by design challenges ... I would produce these design challenges based on a unique inspirational source ... a team leader would volunteer and then we would work together to create something AMAZING and then it would be promised a feature on Style Unveiled ... why can't I still do that!?

>> I can. And I will. <<

But Heather, you don't have Style Unveiled anymore ... You are correct ... but what I do have is everything else and a massive amount of wedding blogs who LOVE to feature gorgeous eye-candy ... so let's do it!!

I had a design challenge I couldn't complete for Style Unveiled because of the unmentionables that occurred ... but I am still DYING to do it!  Here's how this will work:

I will accept 10 spots ... each team leader who applies and is chosen to take part will pay a fee of $125.  This fee is for my time, my promotion of the shoot and the team leader, and for the time I take to submit the shoot for a feature.  It basically encompasses my editorial coordination package and also uses my skills as a 'team builder' to introduce you to other wedding pros in your area who can become a great network for you!  This design challenge would be perfect for someone who is trying to hone in on a specific skill, someone who wants more practice with a unique challenge, someone who wants to meet more wedding pros in their area, someone who wants more features in the future .. ETC!

>> Be Introduced <<

Use this as an opportunity to meet wedding pros in your community who could become future referrers to your company!  This happened so many times with Style Unveiled and I've since watched those same wedding pros work together numerous times!

>> Be Challenged <<

Be challenged with a unique source of inspiration that you might not have thought of before!  Unique sources of inspiration can be really interesting and cause you to think in ways you aren't used to ... therefore making you an even more amazing wedding pro than before!

>> Be Featured <<

Because I will have a say in every photographer that is chosen for this challenge and each shoot there is not a single reason why you won't walk away from this experience with a feature.  I will be guiding and available for any questions or concerns along the way ... and because I was a wedding blog editor for 8 years I know exactly what will fly and what should be skipped ...

>> Be Promoted <<

Promoting people is what I'm all about ... each team leader who signs up will be promoted through the entire process!  It's kinda my thing ... and I know my sh*t ;)

Want to apply for one of these 10 spots!?  Use this form below and if you are chosen you will receive an email from me with further instructions!  We are aiming for January - March features ... which means we need to have each of these shoots submitted no later than November!

HINT: the source of inspiration is SoCal focused/desert focused ... however that doesn't mean it won't work for a wedding professional who doesn't live in Southern California or near a desert ... it's ahhhhh-mazingly awesome and I'm so psyched!!  This will be HUGE! :)

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