7 Wedding Planner, Designer, and Coordinator Websites I've Designed!


When I design websites for wedding planners I have a very specific strategy in mind … page views, sell a specific target market, and showcase ‘insert my secret formula here’ as much as I possibly can … no, I’m not sharing my secret to success … hahaha …

Here are 7 websites that I’ve designed for wedding planners, designers, and coordinators … all different, all beautiful … starting with:

Stylish Details Events

Working with Heather has been a literal dream! She is SO talented and creative! She created a new website for our wedding and event planning company and totally killed it. The site is better than I could have ever imagined!!
Heather is very responsive and on top of everything, which I appreciate as a fellow business owner/creative. She also knows your stuff when it comes to SEO, blogging and optimizing your site for mobile.
If you’re looking for an amazing website that will impress the socks off of your future clients, hire Heather of The Editor’s Touch, she is amazing!!

I honestly don’t even know where to begin writing about the website I designed for Sophie of Stylish Details Events … I get asked a lot: what would you design for my company? Where do you see the website going? The answer to that question is usually: I have zero clue … let’s find out together!! … because typically a design just starts to unfold in front of my eyes … and it takes on a life of its own … becomes a website … and both my client and I get super excited because we didn’t even know it would become that! So, when Sophie allowed me to ‘do my thing’ and left me alone with my creative juices, it was the best gift she could have ever given me … because what was born from that time, well … I’m f*cking obsessed beyond words.

Designing this website twisted and challenged my creativity in so many ways … it stretched me to a place I haven’t been before … I love how many layers Sophie’s website has without trying too hard or being overly ‘in your face’ which is a hard combination to pull off … it’s luxe, sophisticated, playful, and powerful all while showing EXACTLY what Stylish Details does in under 5 seconds … because typically: 5 seconds is all a visitor will give you to IMPRESS THEM.

Below is the scrolling homepage I designed for Stylish Details Events:


I can’t get enough of the vibe I designed for Sophie … it’s just too good!!

Bride’s Bestie

Erica of Bride’s Bestie chose The Hadley from my exclusive Squarespace template collection and I absolutely LOVED putting it together for her!! I love how her website flows on mobile as showcased below:

Events By Robin

BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! I’ve been wanting to redesign my website for a while now. So, when I had my first call with Heather I knew she would make the perfect fit to help me elevate my business and brand ... and finally get this done!
The whole process was super organized thanks to Heather’s forms and structure. From start to finish of working together everything went really fast and I am amazed how quickly she was able to design my website!
I am so in love with how everything turned out. She really did an excellent job of helping me rebrand myself from being a “cute” brand to taking it to the next level of elegance and grace to attract higher end clients! She even helped redesign my logo!!
Huge thank you to Heather! She truly knows what she’s doing and takes a lot of pride and detail in the clients she takes on! I would highly recommend anyone to hire The Editor’s Touch!!

Is it ok to say I’m ridiculously OBSESSED with what happened on my desk for Events By Robin … a luxury Southern California wedding and event planner who is SUPER talented, sweet, and one of the most organized people I’ve ever worked with << isn’t that what you want in a wedding coordinator!??

Robin’s ‘website wishes vibe’ inspired me immediately … the design flew out of me and with just a few short meetings on the phone, Robin and I were able to combine my thoughts with hers to create what I believe is one of the best wedding planner websites I’ve designed … I just love it.

Below is the scrolling homepage:


Simone Lennon Events

Simone Lennon Events chose The Grayson from my semi custom website design collection … I love how her GORGEOUS events came alive online using The Grayson … see her homepage mockup below:

Star Hansen Events

Heather is a true creative - an artist. I had ideas for my website but didn’t know how to bring them all together - she turned them into something extraordinary. Heather has a great design eye and knows what looks best. She is great at explaining why certain things work better than others which is something I really appreciated. She took the time to understand what the goals were for the site and the best way to execute them. She has amazing instinct and style and I trusted her every step of the way. She has elevated my website and my business as a whole. Thanks to Heather, I have received so many compliments on my new website. Heather will be my go-to for any future website revamps and I have already recommended her to so many friends and colleagues.
— Star Hansen

Star has created some incredible weddings and styled shoots ... her eye for detail is impeccable and her styling is some of the best I have ever seen.  I wanted the homepage of her website to mirror that so clients, even if they didn't know it was happening, would pick up on her flair immediately ... they'd be so in love with what they saw visually that they'd just have to contact her ...

Below is the homepage I designed for Star Hansen Events:

Unveiled Hawaii

After finding The Editor’s Touch through an industry colleague via a column Heather had written, once I landed on her page it hit me like a ton of bricks that not only was it time to give my website a facelift, it also HAD to be her! Heather just gets it, and she got me. She listened intently to my concerns and uncertainties, and did not sugar coat anything, which I appreciated. My biggest concern was that my website did not feel like me, however with just a few emails exchanged, a phone call and too many texts and DM’s to count, here we are, and I truly feel over the moon. This is just what I needed to launch me back onto the path I have desired for my brand all along, and for that there are not enough words to express enough the gratitude I feel in my heart. Thank you Heather for listening to me, and for providing me with an outstanding service that has not gone un-noticed. You truly have a gift and I am just one of the lucky ones that had the opportunity to experience it!

When we first sat down to discuss goals for the new website, I wanted to make sure I was designing a website that made sense to the visitor immediately ... I wanted it to feel like Hawaii, create an emotional connection with the visitor, and beyond that I wanted the website to make sense ... have a clear 'voice' that led the visitors through the website without confusion and without a bunch of wordy paragraphs that didn't have a clear call to action.

I started out with a scrolling homepage that bursted with vibrant colors, told the visitor what to expect, and clearly presented a path of 'clickable' yummies to entice people to view more pages. 

… the portfolio page for Unveiled Hawaii was a labor of love for me to design ... I kept seeing a page that felt exciting while still being beautiful ... I like the editorial 'feel' of the thumbnails and how they change sides for each row ... I think this is a page that visitors will enjoy being on as it feels both comfortable and energetic all at the same time ... below is the portfolio page I dreamed up for Lorrie:

I Do Details Las Vegas

I first heard about The Editor’s Touch at LVL Academy from the top wedding and event planners in the industry! I knew I needed a website redesign and I knew I had to have Heather do it. Heather was quick to respond, has an eye for detail, and made the process quick and painless. I couldn’t be happier with the way my website turned out! She “removed the ugly” and completely transformed my website and even my logo. Heather will definitely be my go-to for all of my future website updates. Thank you so much Heather for creating a website that reflects my brand perfectly!
— Lia, I Do Details Las Vegas

Lia of I Do Details found me through LVL Academy (a wedding planner workshop I can’t rave enough about!!!) and from our first conversation I was super excited to dive in and start designing a website for her. Lia already had a Squarespace website, so she hired me for my ‘fix my Squarespace’ website package and I couldn’t wait to begin … because as you can see from these sneak peek graphics, her events, weddings, and editorial shoots are filled with major eye-candy.

Below is the homepage I designed for Lia that scrolls and scrolls with clickable pretties that will not only entice her visitors to visit more pages, but also show off exactly how awesome the events and weddings she plans and designs are:


Her portfolio is broken up into 3 sections: weddings, editorial shoots, and video clips … I love the thumbnails I designed for Lia … they scream luxury and also scream: CLICK ON ME TO SEE MORE !! … which is exactly what I want for my clients.


I hope you loved seeing these 7 websites as much as I loved designing them!! More blog posts I’ve written and shared about wedding planners are below!

XO~ Heather