I Am Featured As A Guest Blogger On LVL Academy!

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I am so giddy today because I am a guest blogger on LVL Academy!!!  I am up there talking about tips to improve your company website and feel so honored that they chose me to write on their platform!!

LVL Academy is a wedding planning workshop that I hold in very high regard ... I have worked with many of their graduates on their websites ... here is a website I launched for Blissfully Styled ... and I love the message that they share and believe in for business owners and creating success stories.  They TRULY WANT wedding planners to be great at what they do and that's what their workshop is all about!


They have an in person workshop happening in Orange County on June 5, 6, and 7 and the registration CLOSES on May 16th ... this is a huge investment for your company .... did you catch my blog post on how I believe wedding workshops are the new form of advertising??  If not, that's linked below:

Be sure to check out their page about in person workshops to see what other dates they are offering if the June workshop won't work for your schedule ... they also offer online workshops!

XO~ Heather