Santa Barbara Wedding Florist Alpha Floral Needed a Wedding Portfolio Website ... Tada!!! Here is it!

Santa Barbara Wedding Florist Alpha Floral | Website Design by The Editor's Touch

I love creating from scratch for my clients ... meditating on their focus, their target market, their personality ... and creating FOR THEM.  When Victoria of Santa Barbara flower company Alpha Floral contacted me she was in transition from providing wire floral services to focusing more on wedding floral design.  She needed a website that could be JUST for her wedding work ... to be more focused on wedding styles and attract and appeal to brides today.  I was really excited to create that for her!! 

She needed several things to get it going: a logo, a new URL, and of course, a website filled with her wedding work.  We started with a logo which I truly love .... I feel it captures the essence of Victoria as a person and as a designer ... the colors are memorable and fresh and add a pop of color all at the same time:

Alpha Floral | Design by The Editor's Touch

We purchased a URL that would keep things separate from her wire floral service website and made sure to keep the focus on weddings.  I designed a gorgeous and fresh space for her to showcase her work and it will be fun to keep adding to this as Victoria dives deeper and deeper into working with Santa Barbara brides!  Below are a few snippets from the site:

And by now you've heard me say it a MILLION times:  BE MOBILE DEVICE OPTIMIZED!!!  Look at how stunning Alpha Floral's new site looks on an iPad ... that 55% ++ of mobile device traffic won't be clicking out of this gorgeousness:

Mobile Device Optimized Website Design by The Editor's Touch

Overall a HUGE success story!!!  I am so excited for Victoria to have a wedding focused website that will continue to grow as her company continues to grow!!  This is such an important tool for any company to have!

XO~ Heather