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When I was designing the new website for Elevated Pulse Productions I was lucky for two reasons:  

  1. I was working with Elevated Pulse Productions << duh!!!!
  2. I got to meet Natalie of In Good Company PR

One of the things I love about the industry I'm in is that I meet amazing, successful, and interesting business owners on a weekly (sometimes daily!) basis ... people I can grow with, learn from, teach, motivate, and feel empowered WITH.  Innit fun!!??

The second I hopped on a call with Natalie I was immediately smitten ... her outgoing personality paired with her wit and wisdom draw you in and I knew right away why she was successful in the PR industry ... and especially for wedding, event, and creative professionals!!!  I asked her if she'd be down for a little interview on The Editor's Touch blog ... and obvs she said yes ... otherwise, what are we doing?? ;)

See below my questions and her fabulous answers:

What do you believe to be the biggest misconception to PR and how is your company different? 

With each client engagement comes a level of education about the role public relations plays in their brand's larger marketing effort. Unlike advertising, public relations involves a thoughtful and long-term commitment. PR involves creative and proactive content generation, and a steady, committed engagement with the media, influencers and key audiences. Public relations has the power to bring qualified business opportunities and new clients to your business in a profound and measurable way. Ultimately, a PR partner's role is to act as a natural extension of your brand, communicating your unique value proposition.  It's part of what makes our firm unique - the intentional approach put towards every relationship we build with editors, and the creative story angles we provide them. Similarly, our clients feel this level of high-touch service and appreciate the lengths we go to to make sure every opportunity serves their business needs at the core.

Why did you choose to focus your attention on the wedding industry and creative small business owners? 

I spent many years working part time for a small, luxury wedding planning firm in New England - through that process I realized not only how much I enjoyed working with creative vendors, but also how few professional resources existed in the market to support those brands. They were creating such beauty without the marketing knowledge or bandwidth needed to share it with the world. Taking a foundation in PR and combining it with the wedding industry has been an exciting and completely fulfilling journey for our firm and the clients we serve everyday.

With all the algorithm changes affecting Instagram users, what are your 3 tips to staying sane and still loving social media through it all? 

Truthfully, there are days we all fall victim to mindlessly scrolling through our Instagram feeds without much consideration to what’s behind every heart-tap. So, what will get someone to stop, read and engage with your posts? Thoughtfully creating and curating content is at the core of building a committed following. Be purposeful with every post, not only with an image that reflects your brand but also with a caption that offers value. It takes time, but the return on that investment are meaningful connections. With that, don't feel like you have to share everything. Think about your goals, the type of client and vendor your want to work with, and craft content for them. Showcase your very best work, not just for the sake of posting. 

What gets you the most excited about the field you are in? 

I'm not one for following wedding trends. Rather, what excites me is how creative professionals take inspiration from multiple sources like international culture, food, design, art, music, and infuses that into their own vision for something something truly unique for a client. 

What can someone expect the 'starting process' to be like when they inquire about your services? 

The beginning of any great relationship starts with conversation. We will start with an input call, to gain an honest and clear understanding of needs and assets, while discussing how PR can support their long-term business objectives. It's an opportunity for transparent discussion about what we can anticipate achieving together. It's an exciting time, and helps us build the foundation for a strong partnership.

In Good Company was founded on the basis that every creative professional deserves to be recognized among a community that appreciates their craft. Our firm has had the honor of working with industry tastemakers around the country, and we look forward to the partnerships to come.

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Natalie Denyse is the owner and founder of In Good Company Public Relations, a boutique public relations and social media marketing firm, serving creative brands in the wedding and lifestyle industry. With years of experience in the PR agency world and leading social media strategy for a Fortune 500 marketing company, Natalie and her team bring an integrated and holistic approach to public relations and marketing.

If you loved this and are curious to find out more, then definitely shoot over an email to Natalie!!  I loved our chat and was super excited about possibilities when I hopped off our call.  You can reach her here >>

XO~ Heather

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