Hey, Wedding Pros: Don't EVER Do This ... Never Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever!!! Just Don't.

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One of my favorite jobs is creating a space for a wedding professional online ... a space where they can show off their work.  Sometimes I am working with a wedding pro who is just starting out and we only focus on one wedding (because we know in time we will be adding much more) and sometimes I am working with a seasoned wedding professional who has SO MUCH work to choose from that we have to be selective and only showcase the strongest images.  But what do we NEVER EVER EVER EVER do!!????

Share Work By Another Wedding Professional ANYWHERE On Your Website or Blog

... and I'll take that one step further: don't share the work of other wedding professionals on your Instagram page or your business Facebook page.  But, Heather, I am just supporting them and sharing their work because I love it!!!  I still say a big fat NO to that!!  Here's why: it's misleading.  I get that you probably pour your heart out in your posts and credit where necessary and you are CLEARLY stating it's not YOUR work to your audience ... but what about the bride who doesn't READ all that and only drools over the eye-candy??  What's she gonna think??  BINGO!!!!: OMG this wedding pro is ahhhh-mazing!!!  I have to hire them to do my wedding!!!  

Whatever way you try to swing it, showcasing any work except your own on your business website, blog, or business social media outlets is straight up wrong.  Don't do it.

Here's an example:  If you are a wedding coordinator and you see an incredibly inspirational table designed by Karen Tran that has all the colors you are 'crazy in love' with right now and you take the image and blog about it and that image gets pinned and all that traffic leads directly back to your site: is that ok??  I say NO!  If you have colors you are crazy about and you're inspired by Karen Tran and her work then go out there and show off YOUR STUFF and create a magical table display showcasing YOUR WORK and collaborate with a kick ass photographer to capture it all ... and even more: you'll get to show off your stuff and work with people in your industry.  It's all worth it.

Here's another example: If you are just starting out as a wedding stationery designer and you LOVE the work of Copper Willow Paper Studio and you blog some examples of Jill's work to your audience to show examples of what you LOVE and what you are inspired by: what will your audience think if they don't read the blurbs??  That it's your work.  So don't do it.

There are ways to show off what you can do with your OWN work even if you only have a small portfolio ... I do it all the time for my clients!!  If you need some guidance and direction contact me and we'll chat!

XO~ Heather

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