Luck Doesn't Lead To Gold - Action Does! My Interview About Instagram With Two Ladies Who Are All About The Action

Luck Doesn't Lead To Gold - Action Does

Facebook was all a frenzy yesterday after the news of Instagram's plans to change their algorithm in the coming months ... I know I had my own 'ups and downs' of dealing with the news and I am still very curious about what this will do for The Editor's Touch and my clients going forward - let's just say it:  Instagram brings people clients - and if 70% of your followers can't see your posts ... well ... you know.

I have always been a believer in 'never depend on one thing to grow your business' - luck is not a part of what I do and never has been.  Be action oriented, have PLANS (not a plan) and be adaptable.  Right now this has never been truer.  I remember when FB did this .. then Pinterest followed ... there were always those times of: OH, F*CK .... what now!!???  But we rolled with it .. we dealt with it - and why??  It was either that or quit ... and we aren't quitters.  Right?? :)

All that said, I am still all about plans of action and so I sent some questions over to two ladies I adore: Dana and Brooke of Love Detailed to get their two cents on this whole debacle we are facing:

Q:  So, you've heard about the algorithm change that Instagram plans to roll out in the coming months ... what was your initial reaction to the news?

A Change can be scary, so our initial reaction was (insert monkey emoji with the hands). Naturally. 

Q:  Now that you've had some time to marinate on this upcoming change, what is your game plan? 

A:  We think more then ever that your Instagram is going to need to be more of a strategy ... context will be as important as content. If you are using your Instagram as a business tool (like we should all be doing) it is going to be crucial to consider every post as a means of communicating with your target demographic & as a reflection of your brand. 

Who knows ... maybe this will lead to more engaged followers. Think quality over quantity.  

Q:  People are freaking out ... like there are talks of some sort of FIGHT INSTAGRAM sign-up sheet floating around on FB ... do you feel like all hope is lost?

A:  Not at all ... people just need time to get used to things and adjust accordingly. At the end of the day innovation will always trump fear and it is important to roll with the punches. If we don't embrace the inevitable, we stop growing as people and as a business. 

Q:  Instagram feels like a second job for me most of the time ... and you ladies actual *do* run IG accounts as your job ... tell me about that:

A:  We understand that small business owners wear so many hats and it is impossible to do it all. That's where we come in! We act as a true extension of your team. We learn about your brand identity, your core purpose, and what your goals are so that your Insta strategy is a true representation of your brand. 

Q:  Instagram does send a lot of business my way and I'm sure your way ... what is something you recommend people do right now to keep the momentum going while IG possibly deflates some of it?

A:  Honestly, consistency is key. Nothing beats cohesive content that is a true reflection of your brand vision. To elevate your content, your Instagram must have a voice, and a unique voice at that. On a highly oversaturated platform, your Instagram needs to offer something new. Tell your story through Instagram--a candid voice will really resonate with followers.

Q:  Is now the time to beef up the IG love or to slow it down?  What are your thoughts?

A:  Instagram is a fantastic tool. Amidst the platform's changes, it is as important as ever to focus on Instagram as a business outlet. However, channelling your efforts into Instagram as your only mechanism for social brand amplification isn't enough! Take advantage of this time, and maintain an active Facebook page. Start a blog, and share your voice. There are so many ways to get your name out there, and no successful business can rely on one sole platform. And always remember, this is a relationship and referral business. Pull your vendor friends together and start doing styled shoots again. Start networking! And, it's okay to ask for help -- we're here to act as a true extension of your team to execute your vision.

Thank you for this awesome info, Dana and Brooke!  Your Instagram followers grow by huge amounts daily and it's such motivation for all of us to learn by what you are doing!

I remember when FB changed their business pages algorithm ... it was when I was running Style Unveiled.  There was a pause where 'us' as blog editors were figuring out our new strategy.  Over time we all just grew accustomed to the new way and sort of made fun of FB after that ... like: haha, I have 33,000 followers on my FB page and only 150 people saw my post from yesterday ... my point is:  it sucked at first ... we were livid with FB ... but after that, we all got over it and new things cropped up and there were ways around the change.  I believe that this will happen again.

XO~ Heather

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