Are You a Client Hoarder?? Know When to Say 'No' to Save Your Business from a Big Mess.

Know When to Say 'No' to Save Your Business from a Big Mess.

Nobody knows about this more than me.  Saying 'no' to people and setting up boundaries to protect myself and my business is one of my downfalls because:

>> I am a people pleaser <<

I want people to SUCCEED!!  I want their business to GROW!!  I want them to be able to SHINE!!  And so I say 'yes' << a lot.  I say 'yes' so much that at least 3 times per year I come face to face with: the big mess.  The big mess is myself basically having a nervous breakdown ... I see all the 'promises' I made to people and how excited they are to receive my "gifts" and I begin to panic.  Really panic.  It took me a long time to learn about my own boundaries when it comes to clients and when it comes to business.  With Style Unveiled it took me about 3 years before I finally had a plan for what I wanted to be and what I wanted to achieve when it came to my clients ... and I had one of the most successful 'ad sale' blogs that existed << based on a strategy that worked for me and that worked for my advertisers.  Now I'm a baby again and I am still learning how to make The Editor's Touch work for my clients and for me.  I hope I nail it down soon!  Haha!!

There is nothing harder in business than saying 'no' to new clients.  Saying 'no' to new business.  Because why???  Saying 'no' to new clients and new business is:

>> Saying 'no' to MONEY <<

Who the f*ck wants to say 'no' to money!!!???  NOBODY!!  The issue is that if you bite off more than you can chew and you become a client hoarder you will soon wake up to a big BIG mess surrounding you.

Here's what I suggest if you are a beginner and still learning how all this crazy stuff works ... use the first few years to get your feet wet ... if you are a wedding coordinator just starting out maybe you take just 7 weddings your first year ... then take 12 your second year ... feel out where your comfort zone is!  See how well you are able to juggle it all ... see how well you time manage!  Figure out what type of load you can handle and then from there you can FINE TUNE the type of client you want to accept!  The best way to run a company is to say 'yes' to all the RIGHT clients and say 'no' to the 'not so much a fit' clients ... saying 'no' also means you can refer out!  Make sure you have a strong network of other wedding professionals in your wheelhouse so that you can refer to them and they can refer to you!

And: take a day.  Srsly.  I had to take a day today ... I was going crazy and if I had forced myself to work it would have been a disaster for me and for my clients.  While we may be business owners we are also moms, dads, husbands, and wives ... we have stuff other than work that we have to take care of ... this is HARD for me to do ... I think it's hard for most business owners.  But it really is necessary for you and your business to survive.

XO~ Heather

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