When You Do Everything Right For Your Client and They Still Walk Away Upset

When You Do Everything Right For Your Client and They Still Walk Away Upset | The Editor's Touch

No matter what we do in life there are going to be people who really never see themselves ... they walk through life with a big fat 'victim card' taped to their forehead and for everything "bad" that happens to them they blame other people for their unhappiness.  You are probably thinking of 3 people you know like this as you're reading my post ... aren't you ;)

These 'blamers', as I call them, will do this in every circumstance through their life ... it doesn't matter if the company servicing them did everything right or if they did everything wrong ... this type of person will always and only focus on the negative parts of their experience.  So how do you spot this type of client or person before you interact with them?  Or, if you do choose to accept them as clients how do you move forward when you know there is a 'blamer' out there talking about your company?

I think it's important for us to first acknowledge that no matter what we do we can't make every single person happy.  This is something I battle with all the time ... I am a people pleaser.  I want people to walk away THRILLED with the product I created for them ... THRILLED with the experiences they shared with me ... but, while I am a people pleaser, I am not a 'lay down and take it' type of girl ... I don't allow myself to be bullied or taken advantage of ... so it's hard for me to watch people try to blame me for their issues and not say something about it.  

I find it very helpful, during times of frustration when you feel that there is someone out there with a bad review about your company that they are just DYING to share, to just keep moving forward ... to prove with actions that you aren't 'that person' that they believe you to be ... I know it sounds cheesy, but just do YOU.  And remember this:  people aren't dummies ... these 'blamers' or 'negative minded people' aren't just like that with you ... they are like that with EVERYONE ... so eventually it will catch up to them.

I wrote a blog post months ago about trusting your gut in business and I feel like it would be a good follow-up post to read now :)

XO~ Heather

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