Which Website Platform Is Better? Wordpress or Squarespace?

Is Squarespace or Wordpress A Better Website Platform?

I get asked this question ALL THE TIME:


In a word????


In fact, I see more WP websites ruining people's lives that anyone who has Squarespace ... unless you are still on Squarespace 5, in which case you need to update that ASAP ...


When Google rewrote their algorithm to say that ALL WEBSITES NEED TO BE MOBILE OPTIMIZED they meant business ... and a lot of websites weren't ready (and still aren't fixed today!!) ... with Wordpress it isn't an automatic thing to pass Google's test ... but if you have a newer version of a SS website??  Well, you're in the clear!

Heather, aren't you a little biased considering you are a Squarespace web designer???

Sure, that's a fair statement ... so I'll answer it:

I had a Wordpress website for a little over a year ... I made the switch from being in Squarespace for over 7 years because I was told I could achieve way more online by switching to WP ... made the switch ... dumped THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS into a custom WP website ... a few things:

  1. Blogging in WP takes more than a wink and a smile ... images aren't automatically shuffled to fit and look cohesive, so you have to make sure each one is sized exactly right.  This was a hard transition for me to make because I had been spoiled by SS for all those years.
  2. If you optimize an image in the gallery of a WP website it won't pull over those key words when you pop it into a blog post or page ... so you have to optimize it all over again ... dude, what???
  3. Changing a page on WP takes way way WAY longer than changing a page on SS ... which means, more time and more money to achieve the look you want when it's time to update.
  4. After all the time, money and efforts I put into the WP website ... when Google decided to flip the house upside down and rewrite their algorithm ... my fancy new WP website didn't pass the test and I would need to dump even more money into it for it to be mobile friendly.

Now, are there amazing things about WP!??  YES!!  If you want a customized and coded website with lots of bells and whistles, you probably need Wordpress ... BUT, if you are in the wedding and event planning industry, a business owner who wants to keep costs down when you want to make overhauls to your website or if you want to be able to make image updates quickly and efficiently, then I definitely recommend:


Another thing to consider???  If you know you want to DIY your website, SS makes that super easy to do ... grab a template and switch images out to create a look you love!  Wanting things to be a little more custom??  Let's chat!  Cuz that's what I do best!

XO~ Heather

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