Who Won The Website Redesign!!?? Congrats to:

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I recently hosted a giveaway for one wedding professional to win a website redesign ... I asked for people to enter and then I hand selected 5 finalists ... it was up to each finalist to bring in votes to win the coveted prize and today the votes were tallied!  I am thrilled to congratulate Jes of Mad Chicken Studio as the WINNER of this amazing prize :)

I first noticed Jes' work when I was editor of Style Unveiled and her work was included in a post I wrote about the best Minneapolis wedding photographers.  Jes' images have always grabbed at my soul ... however, her website not so much ... so let's redo it!! :)  I'm excited to give Jes the last spot on my July calendar for website redesign ... this project will be AMAZING to unveil when it's complete!

A look below at what we will soon say bye-bye to ... congrats, Mad Chicken Studio!!!

XO~ Heather

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