Would You Pay for a Car and Leave it At The Lot? | Please Submit Your Ad Materials.


Ok, this is a mystery to even me ... why do wedding pros pay for a profile page and then never submit their ad materials?  Would you pay for a car and then leave it at the lot?  An ad is your friend ... it is something you have used your hard working income to pay for ... and as long as the blog 'owner' has done their job in providing you with what they need from you (and we aren't perfect ... I realize that can sometimes get forgotten too) then it seems like maybe it should get done ;)

I know, I sound awful ... but over the years, as I ran my blog Style Unveiled, I noticed a trend ... someone would sign for an ad, they would pay, I would email them with what I needed them to do to launch their ad, and then .... S I L E N C E ... sometimes an entire year would go by!  

So, I may not have much of a point ... but this:  if you have recently signed up for an ad on a website or blog and you aren't sure if it's launched yet, go take a peek ;)  And if it hasn't, touch base and get your ad up so it can work for you and bring in more clientele :)

>> here is a blog post I wrote about tracking where leads are coming from and why it's hard to do <<

Ok, now that I'm done "yelling" at you ... let's chat more about ad materials ... the materials you send in should be AWESOME!!  If you have purchased space on a site like Every Last Detail, for instance, you will receive a page that looks and acts like this: (click here to view the profile page shown below)

These pages are interactive, full of images, supply links to your featured work on ELD, and even include an interview!  This is an ahhhh-mazing tool and you should be psyched to see it launch!

Profile Page Tip:  every year when you renew, use that as a time to UPDATE your ad or profile page ... use new images, update your blurb or 'about me' section, make sure your logo is up to date and fresh ... then, I recommend sharing the LINK to your profile pages on your own social media!  Show you are actively working on your company ... if brides/grooms see you care and are actively marketing yourself it will make a difference to them!

Got a badge!?  Display it!!  When you receive a badge from ANY publication or advertising outlet be sure and add that to your blog, website, email signature, social media feeds ... you can't overdo it with a badge ... trust me ;)

XO~ Heather