Remember: You Have Just As Many Hours in Your Day as Beyoncé ... When She Started

Remember: You Have Just As Many Hours in Your Day as Beyoncé ... When She Started | The Editor's Touch

Does it ever piss you off when you see this:

You Have Just As Many Hours In Your Day As Beyonce | The Editor's Touch

My initial thought is always: yeah, but I don't have her money, or her entourage of nannies, or women to be pregnant for me (gasp!!!!) ... and then I consider this:

>> But she did start out with the same amount of hours as I have before she blew up to be massively famous and filthy rich <<

I wrote on The Editor's Touch blog a few weeks ago about not joining a clique in business and I want to touch on that a bit here.

Along the same lines as not joining a clique I think it's always sad when wedding professionals will only work with people that have reached some sort of level of 'status' ... like if they work with someone who is just starting out it will hurt their rep or that they are 'above' that.  Can someone say SNOBBY!!??  Who was Vera Wang before she blew up?  Who was Mindy Weiss before she was a celebrity wedding planner?  Was Preston Bailey always the rockstar he his now in this industry?? NO!!!  Everyone starts out somewhere.

I love working with ALL people ... beginners and seasoned 'industry celebrities' ... it gives me a variety of flavor and it keeps me grounded.  If you're a cool person and have good values: we are a match ... I watch these wedding pros who won't give the time of day to people 'outside their circle' of "awesome" and I find myself being very turned off.

While I was editor of my wedding blog Style Unveiled the same thing would happen ... these 'circles' would only submit to like 3 blogs (you know the ones ...) and I'd be like: hello, over here!!  I love you tooooooo!!!

I know this is a bit of a repeat of my post about not joining a clique, but I want people to remember that you don't start out ON TOP .... you have to work HARD to get there!  And the person next to you who is currently working their ass off (who some people ignore in this industry) might blow up to be the next Abby Larson ... you just never know.

That is one of the reasons I am SO excited for Aisle Society to launch!!  It's a collection of ALL the fantastic wedding blogs (that some people might not even pay attention to) banning together ... it's going to be AMAZING!!!

XO~ Heather

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