Your Website: Image Selection is MASSIVELY Important ... To a Localized Wedding Professional it's More Important Than SEO {GASP}

Images shown are by Blueberry Photography

Let's get real: SEO is important and NEVER ever doubt that ... but how are brides more likely to find you if you are a localized wedding professional?  IMO it's by word of mouth, a referral, or via a publication or an advertisement you purchased ... and while I believe brides are still Googling their asses off to find wedding stuff, they are probably more likely Pinning than Googling ... just sayin' ...

Let's Talk About Image Selection

Everyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE photography snob ... like, crazy snobby about photography.  One thing that led me down a path of being a successful wedding blog editor was these two things: my decisiveness and the fact that I am a perfectionist ... I can quickly choose the BEST images out of a file filled with hundreds of images ... I immediately know what will draw in a crowd and what would go viral on Pinterest.  I'm very proud of that fact ... and it's that picky editor's eye that my clients flock to me for.  Image selection is EVERYTHING!!  ... especially for a wedding industry professional.  Why!!??  Because brides are visual dreamers ... they have been dreaming of their wedding (most likely) since they were itty bitty and they want to SEE that you can create that dream for them.  If the first image they see on your website is dated, poor quality, pixelated, drab, or turns them off it's going to take a LOT of work to turn them on again: just trust me on this.  While they may still click around for a few seconds to see if you can brighten up their already saddened 'wedding planning' mind: it's probably more likely they will click OUT and onto the next wedding vendor in the directory they are browsing.

Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks, and Green Wedding Shoes are the 3 top wedding blogs for a reason ... is that reason the writing style of the editors?  NOPE!!  Is it their logos??  TRY AGAIN!!  They are the top wedding blogs BECAUSE: the editor's who select the images for feature have a keen eye: they are photography snobs just like me!!!  Whether or not someone knows what makes good photography on a technical level: we all know it when we see it ... and Style Me Pretty is ONLY showcasing top notch photography: so shouldn't your website compare?  Shouldn't your company website set high standards when it comes to photography?

Let's play this out:  your SEO is rocking!!  your ads are working!!  you are being published!! ... you have a high bounce rate :(  If you have a high bounce rate then whatever they are SEEING is telling them to turn the f*ck around and get out of there ... you may want to consider that the photos on your website are needing to be replaced ;)  I can certainly help you figure that out!  Contact me and we'll chat!

XO~ Heather