Zana Pali Has A Fashion and Food Blog and I Designed It!!!

Zana Pali Website Designer | The Editor's Touch
Zana Pali Fashion and Food Blog | Website Design by Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch

When I received a message from Zana Pali about designing her fashion and food blog I was over the moon because she said she had been searching for a website designer for WEEKS and until she came across my Instagram feed didn't think she would find someone.  HIGHEST. COMPLIMENT. EVER.(!!!!!!)  My designs spoke to her on the exact level she wanted and SHE CHOSE ME to be her designer :)  Eek!!!!

Zana Pali is a television personality who appeared on Australia's most popular tv show 'My Kitchen Rules 2016'. She is also a full time lawyer and a food and fashion blogger - and one of the sweetest and most beautiful women I have ever met.  We worked so well together and what I loved most is how decisive Zana is.  I shared my ideas with her and we were quickly able to cut out what wasn't working and land on page layouts that she and I both loved. 

Below is a screenshot of the homepage.  The 3 main images slideshow to present 3 separate banners with 3 separate fashion shoots :)

Zana Pali Website Designer Heather Sharpe | The Editor's Touch

Zana's blog is one of my favorites ... large vertical 'window images' that grab the attention of the visitor to open up each post :)  So pretty!!!

Zana Pali's Fashion and Food Blog Designed by Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch

At the footer of her website we have pulled from her Instagram account and she can also collect email addresses for her newsletters.  I loooooove everything about this website and am so excited to finally be able to add a 'fashion website' design to my portfolio!!

Zana sent me the following testimonial:

"Heather has a true talent for design and her websites are a credit to her success. I searched for weeks trying to find the perfect website designer for me and as soon as I saw The Editor's Touch I knew it was perfect for me!! She has incredible ideas and works incredibly hard to get your website done as quickly as possible. I am so thankful Heather designed me the masterpiece that she has put together because I absolutely love it and I am so excited to share it with the world. Thank you so much Heather - you are such a lovely person and your work is some of the best I have seen worldwide!! xox"

And now I invite you to go click around too!!  Here is the live link to Zana Pali's website:

XO~ Heather