Zana Pali, Kristen Weaver Photography, Féte Nashville, Mi Belle Photographers ... Oh My!!!

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I feel so weird that it's been almost a full week since my last blog post ... I am so used to coming here to vent, celebrate, teach, share ... writing is an outlet for me and lately I haven't needed it because I have been buried in projects up to my ears!  I still don't really have much to say ... haha ... but I thought at least letting my visitors know that I am aware of my silence lately might be helpful.  I'm not gone ... I'm just busy.

A few really fun projects on my desk right now ... I was asked by Zana Pali to design her fashion blog, which I am PSYCHED about!!  This will be my first 'celebrity' client and I can't wait to launch her online space!  She chose me by seeing my work on Instagram and I'm so honored!  Below is a sneak peek at a portion of what I'm working on:

Zana Pali Website and Blog Designer

I am also working on a STUNNING new website for Féte Nashville that I can't wait to launch .... a sneak peek of that is below:

Fete Nashville Website Designer

I am also designing a website for Kristen Weaver Photography that will launch soon and I will be starting a new website for Mi Belle Photographers soon ... I am LOVING all the busy and all the awesome wedding professionals (and now fashion bloggers!) that I am lucky enough to work with!  More on all this soon :)

XO~ Heather

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