Website Design Contract With

Heather Sharpe | The Editor’s Touch

Price:  $1,800 - discounted from $4,200

For website design projects the following contract will be agreed to.  All payments made are nonrefundable.  

The retainer to get started is $1,200 and on the day the website is complete the remaining $600 is due. 

  • Includes a full design of the entire website, blog and will add a press page with badges.  
  • This website will be designed in Squarespace and the client understands there is a monthly or annual hosting fee associated with this account - $24 per month or $193 if paid annually.
  • Includes a blog with up to 5 blog posts that are fully optimized.
  • Includes image optimization for all images uploaded to the website.
  • Includes optimization for page links and tab optimization for search engines.
  • If additional pages are needed after concept approval, once the redesign is completed, this will be discussed after and fees will be established per task/page
  • Heather Sharpe will create a website she feels is current and bring over the elements of the old site that are consistent for the new look and feel
  • The client is responsible for sending over images, correcting any text, and featured badges - Heather will 'image select' based on what she feels is supportive of the website design.
  • In consideration for the funds paid by the client therein, Heather Sharpe will have creative freedom to design and will check in at the right times to make any changes - the client will not intervene or send changes until Heather has sent sneak peeks or links and has asked for input
  • The client will have final ‘sign off’ and the project will not be complete until it’s been approved for design, look, and feel by both parties
  • This contract shall be governed by the laws of Washington for which the jurisdiction and venue will be located in Seattle, WA.
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I agree that Heather Sharpe's design credit will be shown in the footer of my new website in smaller font than the rest of my website has. *
Those who want to remove my credit from the footer will need to pay a fee of $1200
I understand that Heather Sharpe is a website designer who creates from blank space but knows limited code. If I require specific code for my website that Heather can't deliver she will refer me to a Squarespace coder. *
This happens 3% of the time
I understand and agree that all payments made are nonrefundable
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