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Your website images should have a voice

someone is listening to what your website is saying!

Funnily enough Google can't SEE your website.  It doesn't know the difference between a wedding venue in NYC and Orange County ... it doesn't know if a bouquet is made of red roses or pink peonies ... unless you tell it that.  Google and all search browsers index your website based on many factors ... and one of the key factors these days is with image optimization.  Image optimization works to bring organic traffic to your website and it also increases your online ranking.

Over the course of 8 years I was able to see metrics on what brides are searching and what they care about.  I use that knowledge to develop a clear strategy for my clients when I optimize their images for their websites.  There are specific 'coded phrases' that need to be added to each image of your website and blog to make sure you are reaching the RIGHT audience.  This is what I do for the clients of The Editor's Touch.

My optimization packages include lots of great tips and secrets that I have collected over the last 9+ years.  I have tricks up my sleeve to create a bigger increase in traffic from all over the web - including your Pins.  My clients see tremendous growth (400%+) within 30 days of having their images optimized.