Friday Tip!!! Look At Your Instagram Following - Then Look At How Many Accounts You Are Following!

The Editor's Touch | Don't Follow More Accounts On Instagram Than Follow You

Happy Friday!!!!  I hope your week went well ... I am counting down the days until Mercury Retrograde comes to END ... and it looks like the madness will stop on September 21/22, 2016 ... only to start up again early January ... what an asshole.  Anyway ... I wanted to share a tip today ... pretty basic, but something that is a huge pet peeve of mine:


^^ that.  That drives me crazy!!!  I realize that we are all supposed to float around in the bubble of:  looks don't matter << but f*ck that sh*t ... because looks totally matter.  Looks matter when it comes to your website, to your brand, to the images you choose to represent your company ... LOOKS MATTER.  PERIOD.  So, when I'm flouncing about on Instagram and I come to an account I may want to follow and I see they are following 5,000 accounts and only have 2,000 following them - I pause.  It doesn't LOOK good when the numbers are flipped ... It makes me question why the numbers are so different!  It's a turnoff ... and then I leave without following them.

If you are one of these businesses or people who have a drastic difference in the number ... going the opposite direction << so, the number you are FOLLOWING is greater than the number FOLLOWING YOU ... please back off ... in fact, start unfollowing ;)  The golden number I always tell my clients to follow is anything UNDER 1,000 ... as long as the number of accounts following you is over 1,000 (wink, wink).

Ok, that's my tip!  Have a good weekend!

XO~ Heather

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