Removing 'The Ugly' From The Internet One Website At A Time
Website Design by Heather Sharpe | The Editor's Touch
I had been eyeing Heather’s work with The Editor’s Touch for quite some time prior to reaching out to her, pouring over the details of her clients’ recently launched websites, and reading each and every review along the way.
When I knew it was time to take my website to the next level, I reached out by email, heard back from her within minutes it seemed, and we had a call set up to discuss my needs and expectations on the very same day.
I quickly realized that my new website was more than a “pretty project,” but a smart and practical one as well. The SEO and UEO optimization is something that my website had never really had in 14 years! *gasp!
As a professional who relies on a visual medium to sell services as well as design for my own roster of clients, I particularly love the visual flow and the ease of navigation, as well as the sophisticated simplicity of the blog.
Pros and Cons:
Pro: This baby went up swiftly! I had received previous proposals for a website design and launch within 6 months from other sources. There were also very particular revisions on my part, (Heather is indeed a saint!) which did not seem to impede our momentum one bit.
Con: Now I expect EVERYONE in my industry to work like this! *wink
Conclusion: If you have been looking, thinking and wondering, just act! The Editor’s Touch was an easy decision for me to make in my business, in which the dividends will far surpass the investment! xx, LS
— Lisa Stoner Events
I founded my company 5 years ago and ever since I’ve had 3 websites that I was never happy with. To me, expressing who we are through our website has been the most challenging part of starting my own business ... until I found Heather .... Before I contacted her, I stalked her website and went to every single website she created to see what it was all about. Needless to say, I finally reached out to her. I was so excited when we scheduled our first phone call and I remember having a bunch of questions written down which she answered before I could even ask!!! She is a mind-reader! Her patience when dealing with unsure clients like me is beyond limits and she has this way to bring up solutions to everything. The website creating process was seamless and smooth and I just wish I had contacted her earlier. I’m excited to see what’s next for us now that we have this beautiful, fresh looking website. Thank you Heather, you are seriously a miracle worker and I admire your creativity and your professionalism. There is sooo much to learn from you!
— Gaby, Vivid Occasions
Heather is absolutely amazing to work with! She is extremely talented when it comes to website design - she really IS taking the ugly off of the internet one website at a time!! Heather is very detailed when asking for the materials to build your website, I feel like I gave her very little direction and she created absolute magic!

She makes the entire process extremely easy and seamless. I would recommend Heather is anyone that is looking for a new website. She is the best of the best! Thank you Heather!
— Laura, LC Floral Design
Hands down(!!!) I hit the JACKPOT!!! I’m not KIDDING!!! My website won’t be sitting in the back of the bus anymore =)

I finally found someone that understood exactly what my website needed and took the time to explain to me step–by-step how to build my brand visibility, create solid SEO performance, and teach me all that wonderful keywords ‘stuff’ that seems to be confusing to a lot of us.

She designed my website exactly how I had envisioned. We only exchanged a few emails and BOOM! - she grabbed my vision immediately. She is a WORK OF ART! She has great taste and an eye for design and details, she is smart, and knows her business very well … She is the real deal and who you MUST contact if you want to put your business in the front row.

Thank you Heather, My #1 Savvy Girl Fan!

— Juliana Calvo, Savvy Event Studio
Heather was so fun to work with, completely understood our vision, and made our website even better than we could have imagined. The process was seamless and even worked flawlessly through a vacation during the week of our re-design. Heather is organized, prompt and professional. If you want to take your biz to the next level, hire Heather. As a side note, within a day of our new site being live, we received a new inquiry for a wedding and they actually mentioned that they loved the look of our website and our portfolio, and that drew them to contacting us. Amazing work, thank you Heather!
— Kathryn, Dream A Little Dream Events
Heather is effing fantastic. Seriously. Do not continue your search for a web designer because you have found her. My mind is blown how she was able to take the mess of crap I gave her and turn it into this beautiful thing in basically 5 seconds. If the world was filled with more people like her: creative, strong work ethic, and responsive, then we would have world peace. So for a kick ass website, a communicative designer and world peace, hire Heather.
— Danielle Rothweiler
Wow, where do we begin!? First of all, Heather is the bomb. Secondly, she rocks-hard. Third, she is the best. What else can I say other than the fact that she was so fun to work with and offered great ideas and her response time on emails, questions, phone calls, etc was always immediate. She was a pleasure to work with and I cannot wait to do it again … in a few short years when our website needs a facelift. Thank you Heather for making our website dreams come true! XOXO
— Ashley Nicole Events
Ok - where to begin . . . . . thankfully Heather saved me from myself. After hiring 2 other web designers, that I had to literally walk them through every detail of my website design and they still could not get it even close to what I had in mind. After wasting so much time and money, I did some serious research and found Heather. She doesn’t just say she gets it she really does GET IT. The entire process was a walk in the park compared to working with others. I can not stress this enough. Heather is on it . . . . from the second she starts your project and stays on deadline to the finish line. For the first time in my career I am proud and very happy to look at my new site. Heather is naturally creative and knows her stuff, which is a rare combination. I was so lucky to have found her.
— Pamela Harvey Interior Design
We have been following Heather since her days as the editor of Style Unveiled. We always loved her work and I am now a loyal follower of her blog. Her sense of style and humor come through on everything she does!

But back to us :) We knew we wanted to update our website well over a year ago and we contacted Heather back then. But as many small business owners know we were juggling budgets and time constraints and we couldn’t pull the trigger. But we kept watching her work and her path kept crossing with ours. Finally we released our fear and pulled the trigger! We were so excited when it was our turn to have her work her magic. And that is what it seems like when you work with Heather: MAGIC.

She makes everything bright and shiny, beautiful and cohesive. Pictures that I have looked at a thousand times just look more beautiful. The site flows so well now that you never feel like you are stuck.

To say we are thrilled is an understatement! We are *%$! OVER THE MOON happy!

Put your name on Heather’s list now!!!
— Barbi, Layne and Lyndsey - The Lynden Lane Company
Do yourself and your business a favor .... Hire Heather NOW! I was really looking forward to my scheduled date with Heather and she made the entire process of collecting material to page design and finally to the launch come together seamlessly. As a planner, I noticed every detail but she even answered most of my questions before I asked them. I didn’t have to stress over photo selection (because she has an eye for that), page function or SEO stuff (which I know nothing about). I really enjoyed working together! Thank you so much Heather.
— Ngoc, Skybox Event Productions
Where do I start? First of all, Heather is amazing! Professional, easy to work with, talented and extremely fast. As a fellow designer myself, I truly appreciate the ways in which Heather approaches website designing. My husband has needed a new website for quite some time and the end product she created exceeded our expectations on every level! I have worked with other web designers in the past and never knew the process could be this easy with such amazing results. Seriously, if you’re a professional in search of a website, Heather is the way to go! Thank you again for everything, Heather!!
— Darla and Josh Vietti
Heather has a true talent for design and her websites are a credit to her success. I searched for weeks trying to find the perfect website designer for me and as soon as I saw The Editor’s Touch I knew it was perfect for me!! She has incredible ideas and works incredibly hard to get your website done as quickly as possible. I am so thankful Heather designed me the masterpiece that she has put together because I absolutely love it and I am so excited to share it with the world. Thank you so much Heather - you are such a lovely person and your work is some of the best I have seen worldwide!! xox
— Zana Pali
Working with Heather was a dream. I knew at first look at her portfolio that I wanted her to rework my site. She was able to take my initial wants and needs and create them into a functional site more beautiful than I could have imagined. She understands what works and what doesn’t and has an amazing sense of design. I will be the first to admit that I’m a bit high maintenance and a perfectionist when it comes to something so important to my business, and Heather was able to answer all my questions and allow me to express myself without feeling like a bother. If something couldn’t be done because of Squarespace limitations, she would always have a great solution that I was thrilled with.
I absolutely love my new site and I owe it all to Heather. I value her industry experience, her honesty when she isn’t loving something and most of all the understanding of how my prospective clients think. This woman has some serious talent and I’m so happy that some of that could be spent bettering the Bridal Bliss brand! Thank you Heather!!
— Nora, Bridal Bliss
Working with Heather was amazing! From start to finish she was so helpful, upbeat and professional. She really saw my vision for something clean and simple yet unique to others photography sites! I am so relieved she took all the stress and worry of completing a new website off my shoulders! She is worth every penny. Loved working with her and really recommend her to others! Thank you Heather!!!!
— Katelin Wallace Photography
We’ve been in business 10 years this year and this was the first time we have trusted someone to touch our site, completely without guidance and with full trust in the end result. Not only was the process easy, but she is fast and damn does she know what she’s doing! I can say we gave little to no direction and the finished result is easy to navigate and clean, but classic and sophisticated. I would highly recommend Heather for a face lift on your site, especially if you’re in the wedding industry. She has years of experience in blogging and working with wedding professionals that gives her an inside track on what sells and what will sell your business. This is of course, not to mention all of the coding, seo, etc (all stuff i don’t know how to do!), that makes the site searchable, pinnable yumminess. So go book her. She’s busy and filling fast, and rightfully so!
— Jill Velez, Copper Willow Paper Studio
Having to give up control of my website was not easy, but I knew from the beginning that I could trust Heather with it. I had previously seen her work through other websites she created and had seen what her image optimizing capabilities could do! I immediately knew I had to hire The Editor’s Touch to redesign my new website. I provided her with all of my beautiful images and the direction of the design I wanted to go. She delivered my vision, making the process feel easy and flawlessly in every way. Thank you Heather for putting up with me and making my website beautiful!!!!
— Erika, Paper Villa Paper Studio
I was recommended by a friend that I reach out to Heather Sharpe from The Editor’s Touch for a new website. My old website was outdated and not reaching the brides I needed to connect with. Heather was easy to talk with and understood my needs as a wedding and event florist. I seriously loved her patience with me as I am not the most technical savvy computer person ... she walked me through the process (very gracefully, I might add) and within 24 hours my new website was live! I loved what she produced and she also listened to my ideas and concerns. She made my business shine again! I think she was more than fair with her pricing. I am excited to know Heather and will continue to have her on my team as PR assistant and also doing my blogs when needed. I highly recommend Heather from The Editor’s Touch!
— Laura, Cody Floral Design
Heather has a brilliantly insightful, artistic ability to get who her client is and their unique talents and genius, and designs their website so their message and work is instantly understood by potential clients.

Since she is wedding industry savvy, she knows the ‘bride’ and links her clients up with the visions and dreams of that mysterious, emotional, magical being.
— Miriam Lindbeck, Wedding Santa Barbara
Where do I begin?!

Ever since I started my business one of my biggest struggles was designing my website.

I cringe when I think about how much money I have wasted on trying to build it by myself.

When I came across Heather’s work, I knew I had to hire her!

The whole process was amazing. I have trouble communicating exactly what I want and I was afraid that it was going to be frustrating.

She was so on it and it was like she reached into my head and grabbed all of my design thoughts and put it into one pretty website that I absolutely love for the first time ever!

Heathers creativity coupled with her eye for design and knowledge of the wedding industry are just a few of the reasons I hired her to design my website. I couldn’t recommend her enough!
— Jillian Rose Photography
I am overjoyed with the new design Heather from The Editor’s Touch created for my website. The layout is sophisticated and clean. The home page grabs your attention and makes you want to see more and the site is easy to navigate and keeps you captivated. I could not have dreamed this up myself and thank Heather so much for her impeccable talents of editing and design.
Working with Heather has been an incredibly rewarding and affirming experience. As a small business owner, I am typically making decisions regarding my company on my own. It is really helpful to have feedback from a seasoned industry professional who can lend some objectivity. She has been at the forefront, developing blogs and websites, testing and successfully creating SEO marketing that works.

Heather is friendly, energetic, open, honest, and delivers on everything she offers. She will keep you on your toes and help you streamline and prioritize your goals in order to succeed. Having hired her for both consulting and web design, I can highly recommend her for both. I really feel like she is someone in my corner, rooting me on as my new business starts to grow.
— Ashley Thayer
For busy wedding pros, finding the right website/marketing company to invest hard-earned money can be stressful and tough to know who to go with, but Heather has an experienced eye for what brides are looking for plus the SEO know-how that made my decision to hire her an easy one. The process was clear, straightforward and no complicated tech-speak. Heather responds and works quickly and makes sure you are absolutely happy with the end-result. Since the website went live only two months ago, I’ve seen a huge increase inquiries AND bookings! My website is a now a direct reflection of my brand and attracts the clients I want to work with! She is worth every penny and I am so happy to have her on my “team!” This is a wedding web designer who truly gets it!
— Michelle, Michelle Garibay Events
Wedding Santa Barbara has already seen a major increase in client calls and emails, even off season, which for me is unheard of. Wedding Planners, potential clients, even moms of brides, are telling me how “gorgeous” my site is and not only that, brides are READING EVERYTHING on my site! That’s rarely done. I credit the beauty, serenity and ease of use and the wonderful fact that my site is just a wonderful place to go and hang out.
— Miriam Lindbeck
Heather was reliable and quick on services. She was great at conceptualizing the overall look and feel of my project to give it a refresh and updated presence. I wanted my new site to be mobile friendly, easy to navigate and clean. She delivered on all of those! If you’re looking for an updated site, Heather would be an excellent choice for you!
WOW, WOW! I cannot express how grateful I am for Heather and the amazing MAGIC that she creates!! I searched high and low for a website designer to work with - hiring Heather was the best investment for taking my business to the next level! She is extremely responsive and her knowledge about the wedding industry is truly invaluable. I sent her my ideas and she was able to create something better than I imagined. I cannot wait to hire her again in a few years when it is time for another revamp! Heather, thank you SO much again for making all of my website dreams come true! You seriously ROCK!!!!!
— Bree Hueners, I Love You More Events
It truly makes a world of difference when you are working with someone who is passionate about their work. Heather from the beginning was quick to respond to all of our questions and was incredibly timely on the entire project completion. In addition she understands our industry so it makes for such a seamless process. She is definitely a pro at what she does and it shows in her final product. We were very fortunate to have her on our side while launching our new business.
— Lindsay Longacre, LVL Academy
Writing is my greatest challenge but writing a review for Heather is too easy. I have had nothing but a GREAT experience with Heather. She is not only super talented but also a beautiful soul and so sweet and accommodating. She created a drop-dead gorgeous website for me and it’s only my mini website so I can’t imagine what my full website will look like. Please take a look at my website - it looks like a magazine. I’m so in love with it! Thank you so much Heather. Your true passion really shows in your work! xoxo
— Trang, Vo Floral Design
I’ve known Heather for several years now and was excited to hear she was designing websites for event professionals. With her background in weddings and SEO, I knew she was the perfect for what I needed to get my site to the next level.
I reserved Heather back in the Spring and it was the best investment I’ve made this year for my business. She understood my vision based on seeing my work. Working with Heather has been flawless and seamless, I sent her Dropbox links to my all the galleries and she picked the photos. In the past, I had to hand pick the photos I wanted featured, but Heather was instrumental in picking all the right photos that she knew conveyed the right visuals that potential clients are looking for and wanting to see.
I gave her the style and direction I wanted and from there she showed me a lay-out 3 days later.
It’s been a great working experience, worth the months of waiting to get exactly what I want.
Thank you Heather!!
— Thomas Bui Lifestyle
When I decided to redesign my website, I was hoping to find a professional who understood my work, the industry I was working in and the client I was trying to reach. Well, not only did I get what I wished for, I found Heather who took the time to assist me each step of the way. And there were many. She listened to my concerns, we shared ideas and Heather explained to me why the direction we were going in now was the right one based on how my future clients would be searching for an artist such as myself. With overflowing patience and dedication, Heather worked Together with me, to reach a solution that was fresh, and beautiful. She has a true desire to help and educate me so that going forward I can successfully manage my site and my brand. I am grateful for the working relationship we have. I am happy to say I would absolutely refer The Editor’s Touch to anyone who wants to work with a true professional.
Thank you so much Heather!
— Sandy, Paper Mélange
Heather is amazing at what she does. She designs well and efficiently. It took me awhile to decide exactly which direction I wanted to take and she was patient with my process. She helped me put my best work front and center. She went the extra mile!! I really appreciate that she takes time to show you how to keep up the SEO after she has worked her magic!
— Heather Anderson Photography
I loved working with Heather, I have so many great things to say. She’s an amazing web designer that can make anything look like a million bucks! My website, price sheet and contract, I’m in love with! I like how Heather is very friendly and quick to respond to any question that I had.
— Janet Villa
Heather’s expertise was critical for revamping my blog and website to optimize my SEO. When I realized my site had issues, I knew immediately I needed the Editor’s Touch! I’m so glad I reached out to her when I did because within minutes she responded and we scheduled a call to discuss a diagnosis of my web issues. She got to work right away with a plan to repair what my website was lacking ... and within a week I noticed an increase in inquiries because of my visibility in search engines! I am so grateful for her help and expertise!
— Valerie Gernhauser, Sapphire Events New Orleans
Heather Sharpe ........ how do I even begin to express my gratitude? Heather took what was an idea, a dream for me, and made it become a reality. Being a wedding blogger was something I had dreamed about for years, something I could envision but had no idea where to even begin and Heather took that tiny idea and made it something more then I could’ve ever imagined. Her attention to detail, impeccable style and constant mentorship, have made this journey not only educational but incredibly fun. I am incredibly grateful for Heather and all of her amazing talents!
— Stacey Foley, Joy Wed Blog
If you are even considering re-designing your website, don’t look anywhere else, Heather has you covered! Not only will she create a beautiful, eye-catching site, she’ll make it super easy on you and your clients to use and navigate. I had a big mush of things I needed on the site that I couldn’t figure out how to organize and in one day, Heather had it up and ready to use and made everything so simple. She is incredibly knowledgeable with what she does - all of that optimization, SEO & UEO, but also knowing what will draw brides in and get clients to focus in on your services. I am super picky about design, but I knew I could trust her 100% with my site and she delivered beyond my expectations. She thinks of little details you never would have thought of and elevates your site more than you thought possible. She was one of the best business decisions I’ve made and definitely worth every penny!
— Kaylyn, Pirouette Paper Company
Heather is an amazing web designer! She transformed our website in a matter of days and gave us a fresh and fantastic new look! Her efficiency and compassion for what she does is clearly shown in her work. Her talent and taste level is impressive and she takes pride in every detail. Look no further, hire her today!
— Opulent Treasures
I’m extremely picky when choosing a person to work with, especially when they have access to my business and files. I’ve been working with Heather for a while now, even prior to her starting this business. The number one reason why I consider her my “public relations person” is her character, drive, and integrity. Even before this business, when I worked with her from her publishing days, she always was fair and honored her word. Even when mistakes were made out of her control, she did everything she could to satisfy me keep me as a customer. Her service has always been number one for me. And now, she’s over-exceeded our expectations and continues to provide over the top service and knowledge.

I highly recommend her. She’s tough, and “hard-ass” because she knows more than we do about what she does and requires certain things to help you succeed and grow. In other words, she cares more about our business than she does her profit. And that’s what I like. She knows this industry and what we need to succeed. Use her for sure!
Heather!! I am so grateful for your guidance and expertise! This is exactly what I was looking for to relaunch my website. You definitely have the “Editor’s Touch!” Thank you!
— Sara Fried, Fête Nashville
I have been so apprehensive about hiring a web designer that it took me a year to finally put my deposit down with Heather. She has been so helpful with combining my different styles of invitations and products on my website so that is looks clean and professional! I can’t wait to show off my new website and see how it will help my business grow. Thank you so much Heather!
— Jessica Nicely, The Stylish Scribe
Wow! Where to begin? I am the owner and artistic director of Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio. My journey began long before social media madness and regularly visited websites. Also, being a “50 something”, my technology skills or lack thereof are a burden.
We all know our clients do most of their shopping online so putting my best foot forward is imperative. Their first impression of me is my website!
Gertie Mae’s definitely needed a makeover and fresh online appearance. I am so very thankful for Heather at The Editor’s Touch for her knowledge, talent, and personal attention to me and my business needs! Not only has she re-designed a gorgeous, updated, and relevant site for me, she also gave me a complete walk through teaching me with kindness and patience how to manage it. I applaud her due diligence with me as I am not a young, tech savvy gal! LOL
I couldn’t be happier with my new site and highly recommend The Editor’s Touch for all your web design needs! Whether it’s a brand new site or refreshing a tired one she’s your answer!!
Thank you Heather from the bottom of my heart!!
— Sherry, Gertie Mae's Floral Studio
Heather Sharpe is a web design dynamo! She is passionate about web design, the event industry and her clients. I felt comfortable for the first time ever, discussing web design terms (or lack thereof) and felt as though I had the ability to give limited input and ideas and step away knowing that she knew about the industry that I work in and therefore she didn’t need me to micromanage what a bride would see or be looking for. I looked forward to our website chats and went from being fearful of touching or editing my website to being empowered and educated. Heather worked night and day to make sure that I loved my site. Heather doesn’t settle for good, she wants great! I am so grateful that I had Heather and The Editor’s Touch on Magnolia Event Design’s website redesign - it was a great business decision and I am so happy with the outcome.

Hiring Heather Sharpe and The Editors Touch was by far the smartest and best business decision I have ever made! Hiring Heather is like hiring the brain of a bride and the brain of the quiet web geek who codes in the back of the advanced statistics class, for fun ... and then you put those qualities inside this dynamo of a badass blonde bombshell and BAM - sit back and wait for the magic to be created! Heather is the event industry’s most sought after website designer. Her work speaks for itself and her passion comes through the pages and jumps off the screen to capture your viewers and bring them in.
— Lindsey Hartsough, Magnolia Event Design
Where do I even begin to describe the night and day difference I’ve had working with Heather to build my absolutely gorgeous DREAM WEBSITE?!

I don’t know one business owner who gets stoked over all the daunting hours of work and decisions that have to go into creating a website. And “updating” or “redoing” a website is never as easy as it sounds. Plus, it’s never cheap. I’ve been through so many website designs that when I started to even think about updating my old site, my stomach would churn. I knew it meant time I didn’t have and patience that was already spent. Oh, and let’s not even discuss how much $$ I’ve spent on past websites that haven’t worked for me. In a nutshell, I’ve struggled to find a positive and comforting experience when embarking on the always dreaded, never-enjoyable website journey.

That is, until I met Heather.

For the first time since launching my business I have FINALLY found someone who cares about my website as much as I do. And Heather is so much more knowledgeable than I could ever pretend to be when it comes to creating and optimizing a website that will do what it’s supposed to do - work hard, bring me business and represent the brand and company I’ve worked so hard to build. Websites should work smart and hard so you don’t have to. Before I met Heather, my fancy expensive website was doing none of those important things for me. It wasn’t even optimized for mobile traffic if you can believe that (rookie mistake I made because I wasn’t properly informed by previous web designers).

When Heather and I first started discussing this journey, I was more than unsure of a lot of things. It took me a few months to even sign her contract (not because I had doubts about her an her abilities, but because that’s how much I dreaded website do-overs. It had never been a positive experience before). Looking back, I wish I could back up and tell my hesitant self “What are you waiting for?! Sign that contract! Get started NOW! You won’t regret a single thing!”

But since I can’t make up for lost time, I’ll do my best to help you not make the same mistake. Whatever excuse you’re telling yourself, whatever time you’re worried you don’t have, and whatever budget you think will break you - put all those worries aside. There is no other person I’d rather work with. In fact, I’m kind of sad it’s over (did I really just type that? ME- the person who hated anything website related?!).

In Heather you will find talent, honesty, full disclosure regarding what can and can’t be done (which is refreshing because so many people over promise and under deliver), and a funny person to laugh and joke with through it all. Her eye for design is unmatched and she has the patience of an elephant (I can be super indecisive but never once felt pressure to just make up my mind so we could move on). Heather helped me make decisions that were right for my brand and business. And in addition to all of this, she went above and beyond to coach me on some really tough decisions and hold my hand through a major (and really scary) business expansion.

But enough of my gushing. Just go hire her already!
— Michelle Leo Events
EEEEEEKS!!! I’m so stoked about our new look! I’d been following Heather since her days with her fabulous blog, Style Unveiled {plus she featured one of our uber delicious styled shoots} and seeing her rise again like a phoenix with Editor’s Touch, I just knew she was THE person to redesign our website.

Her knowledge in the wedding industry, knowing what drives people to sites and keeps them there is invaluable. As many know, getting a new site up can be daunting and even scary, but Heather has made it a joy and the end result: Pure Perfection!

I’m so thrilled with the end result...thank you a million Heather for your patience, understanding and just “getting me”!
— Claudia, A Day To Remember
We have loved working with Heather on the new design for Coastside Couture’s website. She was truly able to capture the clean, modern, image laden design we were hoping for so beautifully. Heather was very receptive to our design ideas while steering us through the complicated coding and flow needed for the site to be so user friendly. This whole process was pretty pain free, informative and we are thrilled with the results. We can’t wait to see the reception the new site receives.
— Coastside Couture
Bellissimo! I can’t describe how grateful I’m to Heather! Finally I feel released!

I’d been troubling since 2009 with my website because there was always something that didn’t go with what I had in mind and I had to decide between “looking pretty” or “getting found” by the engines results, and in the wedding industry you just can’t decide, you have to have it all, otherwise you’re out!

Your website is your image and your first approach to the clients, and it has to do the hard work for you, so this is why it’s so important to do it with a REAL professional that not only knows what brides adore, but also optimize everything so it gets in front of them showing the beauty.

I’m really amazed by Heather’s professionalism and great taste. She will make you look over the top. She went above and beyond of my expectations and fulfilled all of my requests… with a blink of an eye!

Her creativity and strategy made all the difference. Ultimately, I was overwhelmed with how everything came together and I just have to say that I’m so in love with my new website! Thank you with all my heart.

If you’re troubling as well with your website.. you totally have to contact Heather, you can be sure that you are in the best hands.
— Cindy Salgado Design