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Saying What People Expect To Hear ... Not For Me. I'd Rather Say The Thing People Don't Want To Say, But Are Constantly Thinking.

Heather Sharpe4 Comments
Saying What People Expect To Hear ... Not For Me.  I'd Rather Say The Thing People Don't Want To Say, But Are Constantly Thinking.
The Editor's Touch

A post I wrote and published last night was rapidly shared on Facebook ... over 70 times in under just a few hours.  The title was:

>> Oh, You Want To Talk To Me On The Phone About Business And Possibly Hiring Me?  Excuse My While My Child Acts Like An Asshole <<

I wrote the post during my own anxiety so that the feelings I was feeling could be real.  I write during my own experiences while being a business owner because being a business owner SUCKS SOMETIMES!!  It's also AWESOME SOMETIMES!!  I wouldn't want to do anything else.  However, this particular title and article was very direct ... and the directness was aimed at something called a child.  And as we all know, this is a touchy subject with some.

Was I calling my child AN ASSHOLE??  I really don't think so.  I believe that there is a difference between saying someone is acting like something and saying that they are.  But, you know what??  Maybe I did call my son an asshole ... it's truly possible.  Maybe on paper, in a post he can't read, during a healthy adult outburst I did ... so what now??

I woke up to a comment on my FB page for The Editor's Touch that read:

"Ahhhhhhh I have more control on my kids then you? I find this post really offensive and I'll be removing myself from this page - my kids are 10.5 months apart and I run a successful photography business. Yes - life happens - but sometimes you just can't have it all. So if referring to your child as an 'asshole' and is a thing now - it's not my thing. My kids have always come first - it's about prioritising and what comes first is my kids - business second. Just because you have a business doesn't mean you're open 24/7 - set some boundaries and expectations - as with anything - business or kids a consistency is the key."

FB Comment on The Editor's Touch

This comment is fair and I'm sure half of the 70+ shares out there in FB land are people bashing me ... people saying: this bitch needs to get her sh*t together and stop blaming her kids for her problems as a business owner.  I think it's sad in this day and age that parents aren't allowed to feel free to have normal feelings ... that it's offensive to say something like:  my kid is behaving like a f*cking asshole right now ... that if you say something like that you are labeled as a horrible parent.

If we are real about the fact that being a parent while having your own life at the same time is hard then we can be healthier!  If we can say: wow, I really love my kid but man I wish he'd stop being such a jerk sometimes ... why is that wrong??  I honestly have no idea.

For those of you wondering if I love my kids??  Yes, very much.  They are why I work so hard ... I want them to have the things they need and some of the things they want.  I want them to grow up watching the female figure in their lives work her ass off and show them that anything is possible in life - that you can make sh*t happen!  And I believe that being honest and being realistic about the ups and downs of parenting is one of the reasons I still have a big part of ME inside ... that I haven't lost myself to being 'just a mom' ... and I love it.

XO~ Heather