Creating a Blog Post in Squarespace that Google and Pinterest will Adore!

Blogging With Squarespace | The Editor's Touch

If you own a Squarespace site and go to find help online for doing stuff with your site to make it pretty and act right - my guess is you get a lot of techie worded posts and moving screenshots that give you a headache ... so let's style this up a bit for the creative industry and I will show you how to create a beautiful post in Squarespace that Pinterest and Google will eat up like candy!!  I have been creating blog posts using Squarespace for 12 years and I absolutely LOVE it.  

Let's do this!

Right now I am obsessed with Kate Max Stock ... so I will use her stock images to showcase how I put a blog post together using Squarespace.

Because of my blog editor background I like to image select first ... it helps mold my brain to really meditate on what I am posting about ... the way I like to do this is create a folder within the main folder of images that I will pull the 'post' images into ... for this sample I have called that folder 'for post' ... shown below:

Image Selecting When You Blog | Blogging With Squarespace | The Editor's Touch

Image selection is KEY to creating a blog post that clients will love and that will show you off in the best ways possible.  For this pretend blog post I selected 12 images that I love ... 

Below are a few of the images I selected for the post:

Image Selecting for Blog Posts | Kate Max Stock | The Editor's Touch | Blogging With Squarespace

Now it's time to take this to Squarespace.  So, when you login to your Squarespace site and go to pages, then blog, you will see a page that looks like below:

The '+' sign is what you would click to create a new post (on the left hand side - top right)

Creating a blog post using Squarespace | Blogging with Squarespace | The Editor's Touch

After I create a new post I like to create a strong title that will pull in the attention of my audience.  But the title won't necessarily be the 'url' that this post keeps!  I like to take things one step further for SEO and create a new 'url' for the post.  To do this you need to hit 'save' at the bottom of your post after you have created a title.  This establishes the post as a draft and also makes it possible to edit the 'url' of the post.  Now, open it again and do this:

Blogging with Squarespace | The Editor's Touch | Heather Sharpe

As you can see above along the top right you have 4 navigation buttons:  content, options, location, and social.  To change the 'url' of your blog post you want to hit 'options' ... then in the Post URL section you will erase everything after the last '/' and create your own.  Be sure to use '-' between every word, as Google reads those as spaces.


Always make sure you upload a 'thumbnail image' in the 'options' section ... this is the image that social media will pull when you share the link.

Ok, now that we have established a Google friendly URL we are ready to add the content and publish this puppy!!  Go ahead and hit save at the bottom of your post so that you don't lose any of your work so far ... that is a good thing to do every 5 minutes or so ;)

The next step I like to take is adding images ... bring in the beautiful shots by KateMaxStock!!!

When you are using Squarespace and you mouse over on the left hand side of your blog post you will see little sideways 'raindrop' shapes appear ... if you click on them you will see lots of options pop up like this:

Blog Post Options Using Squarespace | The Editor's Touch

You will click on those to add images to the post ... I like starting each blog post at the top with a single image ... then a text blurb ... and then filling in the bottom of the post using 'stack' for the rest of the images.

What do I love most about Squarespace!!???  They will resize the images for you!!  You will never have to resize an image again as long as you are with them ... Wordpress woes hitting you hard right now??  Yeah, I hate Wordpress ... and the resizing of images is one of the reasons.  What a time suck that is!!!  I will say this though ... try to avoid uploading massive files to any website ... it's best practice to use web sized images every time you blog.

Shown below:  all the images I uploaded are getting resized for the post and will fall in order without any white spaces in between to create a clunky feel (like with Wordpress << yuck!!) ... it's going to be GORGEOUS!!!

Adding Images to a blog post using Squarespace | Heather Sharpe | The Editor's Touch

VERY IMPORTANT TIP:  Once you add your images you are NOT done with this step.  The most important thing you can do for your blog post is to add 'alt' text or 'image' text to EACH INDIVIDUAL PHOTO.  Geez, Heather, that sounds time consuming!!!  Yes, it is.  It's worth it though!!  Here's how you do this:

BING: in your image gallery mouse over an image.  You will see 3 options pop up: a wheel shape, a pencil, and a garbage can ... hit the wheel shape.

Blogging With Squarespace | The Editor's Touch

BANG:  When you hit the 'wheel shape' you will see an Edit Image box appear ... put your cursor in the 'enter an image title...' box:

Blogging with Squarespace | The Editor's Touch | Creating Strong Alt Text

BOOM:  Type in text that you feel will help clients find you on Google and Pinterest.  DON'T SPAM the image ... the text needs to be true.  So, you can add what the image is, the photographer credit, the wedding venue, your business name ... I like to separate each 'word grouping' with this guy:  | << I srsly don't know the name of that symbol ... we'll just call it a really long capital 'i' << lol ... then hit 'save' and 'apply' and do it to EVERY IMAGE in that grouping ... and voila!!  You've just made Google and Pinterest VERY VERY happy :)

Adding 'alt text' in a Squarespace Blog Post | The Editor's Touch

There are lots of ways to add images in groups using Squarespace ... one I love is Grid, shown below:

Ok, so really I just wanted to show really killer interior design images (courtesy of KateMaxStock) ... but Grid is super cool and can change up the images in your blog post .... 

Ok, next add your text blurbs, credits and links, and hit 'save and publish' ... cool, right??

Are there more things I do for my clients to make their blog posts AMAZING???  Yes, of course!  But this should give you a general idea of how to create a post in Squarespace that doesn't suck ;)  And if you take just one piece of advice from this post it's this:  ADD TEXT TO EVERY IMAGE!!!  

XO~ Heather