How Do I Know How to Attract a High End Client? Because I am that client.

Attracting a High End Bride | The Editor's Touch

My clients come to me for many reasons:

  1. They know my background as a wedding blog editor and the creator of the wedding blog Style Unveiled.
  2. They love my website designs.
  3. They love my personality and the way I tell it to them straight.
  4. They want to learn from my experiences as one of the first wedding blogs to launch (early adapter in 2008).
  5. They love my reach and unique placement in the wedding industry.

But ... one of the main reasons I get hired is because I know how to create an online space that attracts a high end client or bride.  

How do I do it?

I think it's important for you to know that I don't honestly know how I do it ... but I know what I like, I know what I don't like, and typically what I do like is very current, very on trend (but not trendy ... in my world these are two different things) and very expensive (sadly, for me).  I am also a perfectionist and I am very decisive ... which is a rare combination ... typically a perfectionist will dwell on decisions because they can't decide which route to take to attain perfection ... I am super speedy and know instantly if I love or hate something.  

And if I love it ... that means good things.

My clients are seeing a major shift with the type of client they are getting hired by since their website launch date ... it's crazy cool!!  I am the type of person who won't go to a new restaurant unless they have a kick ass website that I love ... is that too hardcore?  Maybe ... but this is the world we live in and I believe a website is a major tell.  Also, I am really snobby when it comes to websites ... but in this case, as a website designer for wedding professionals, that is an asset ...

why would you hire someone who wasn't super snobby about websites!?


Numbers don't lie.  If you are wanting your website to collect more inquiries and more hires and you want those higher end weddings and events, we should definitely talk ... my prices are currently VERY affordable and I work with payments plans ;)  I have not had a a single *launched* client have a bad online experience ... the proof is in the pudding! << I've always wondered what that even means ;)

XO~ Heather